Work Space Wednesday | Pocket Card Organizer


 what do you do with all your pocket cards?

Are you a pocket card hoarder collector? Do you have 3x4 cards and 6x4 cards here there and everywhere? Do you keep hoarding collecting them because they are just so cool and say awesome things and you need every set? But now seriously, you need to hone them in and make sense and just a wee bit organization of them all?

Have you collected beautiful pocket cards through the years only to have not found a real good solution for them. Yet? Do you wish you had a beautiful space in which to store them all? Do you need a system in place that creates a way to organize them by size. And then, not only size, do you wish for a simple way to be able to reach for a themed collection of cards and just get to the crafting part of it all?

Sometimes I just put up with a situation not really thinking it through. I have for awhile now been content to rubber band my various pocket cards collection from the years and just set them in a drawer.

But darn if then I don't have to go through each and every rubber banded pack to try and find the right card! I just put up with it though. I do that a lot. Myopic is the word. I get so focused on the making that I just put up with a haphazard way of supporting the making.

This disorganization has made me very frustrated in the past, actually. Too many times I have just left the packs of cards and figured something out as I have lost the patience to attempt to find THE card.

The absolute best solution I have as of yet is this Pocket Cards Organizer that is available at ScrapbookCom. It is exclusive to the Com so one is not going to find this box of solution anywhere else. 

This card organizer is bomb! It's made of heavy heavy duty weight cardboard called grey board. (No more DIY cereal box cardboard here, not that I know anything about that.) It's then wrapped in a white glossy cover that is easy to wipe down OR easy to DIY to fit the decor of one's craft space. 

There are endless storage possibilities to be found in this compartmental box. 

3x4 AND 6x4 cards fit in here perfectly. And you can fill this baby up! At the end of the post you will see where I have 9 collections of cards in one organizer and it's still not full. 

One storage container has 6 different compartments. And...AND...two of these organizers can sit side by side in a Raskog cart serving all your organizational needs.

You can see how great a happiness maker this organizer is, can't you? 

You can continue to throw those beloved cards in your drawer never to full realize their creative potential. Or you can get a little organized. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results has been known to cause insanity. I for one am not on board with that. I need to be able to find THE card. This is why I am so head over heels with this Organizer box. It takes me now mere moments to find what I am looking for and get back to the making.

However, if indeed you would like to get this area of your creativity in order, if you want to actually be able to find that Celebrate Card in the Celebrate section of your Pocket Cards, you are going to have to decide on a better solution. It's a pretty simple choice really. Chaos? or Creativity?

This Pocket Cards Organizer can be found HERE. Just click through that link to find creative organizational Nirvana. The Card Organizer does not include those nifty tabbed dividers. I have not even talked about how great those are yet. You will however need both of these solutions in your life. The Pocket Card Organizer AND a pack or two of the tabbed organizers. See links below for all your options. 

And now it's time to get back to the actually making of all the pretty things.

Hey friends...when you shop these links below, I receive a small kick back from your sales from Scrapbookcom. There is absolutely no extra cost to you at all! But these commissions help to cover the costs of this blog and other expenses to provide you with these and other project ideas. I want to continue to bring you FREE inspiration. Shopping these links allows me to do just that. I can't thank you enough for your love and continued support. 

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  1. Hi - just found your blog/site today while looking for mini albums...(my fave) your work!

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you could visit. Hope you are finding what you are looking for. ~jamie