The Basics of Storytelling and Scrapbooking


let's be creative and tell stories

Raise your hands if you just love to make pretty stuff on a page and tell a story!

Me! Me! Me!

It's about the basics here today, friends. Just simply the basics of loving to put stuff on paper. Most especially a photo!

The basics of storytelling and scrapbooking is always first and foremost the photo. In my mind, I see a photo, or I even take a photo. Even in this instance of my daughter with my 11 year old on her shoulders! I knew she wanted this picture. And I knew the story behind it while I was taking it. It was all only a matter of printing that photo and bringing the memories to life again on the page.

Then I go to thinking through how I want to support the photo on the page. One of the ways here was to use the sunbeam colors and play them on the page again. Using the Roses Slimline Smooth Cardstock from ScrapbookCom (and there was really no reason I used the slimline's basically what I found first) I stamped a sentiment from the Memories Stamp set onto a paper from that Roses collection then circle punched it for a sentiment that more than addressed this photo: Beautiful Memories.


Using the same stamp set I stamped a sentiment on another color paper and trimmed that out sort of like a journal phrase sticker. Then, one of my very favoritest of things to do: I die cut another color from the Roses Smooth Cardstock with that Wildflowers Stems 2 by Tim Holtz. These colors are framing my photo and pulling more of that late summer sunset vibe from the photo.

Here you can see where I added more of the Wildflower Stem diagonal from the first piece at the top of the photo. Makes for a great frame.

Then another favorite stamp set: Wordfetti Oh Happy Day (have I ever told you I am obsessed by stamps currently?) is gracing this label. So easy to add embellishments with stamp sets.

Part of the background is also a stamp set. Vintage Type Upper is a must have stash set. I took the numbers and lined them up in two rows on the stamp block. Then I stamped a very subtle background pattern with number stamps. It's a great way to stretch the usage of your stamp sets by using them for scrapbook backgrounds too.

You can see ALL supplies HERE: Jamie's Gallery

There is never a regret to telling a story and getting creative on a page. In fact, it's one of the most satisfactory things we story tellers do. I hope you are inspired to simply tell a story and put pretty stuff on a page today.

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