Why Sending Cards Is So Important


everyday is send a card day

September is right on top of us.

Tomorrow as a matter of fact.

Why do I bring that obvious fact up? Because 'they' say that September is Self Care Awareness Day.

Now. While I am a big fan of making sure the captain of the ship is well fed, is exercised, is in daily prayer and meditation, and gets out in nature as often as she can, I also have another opinion about that.

Yes, warning: today's post is an opinion piece.

And here is where that motivation comes from:

This is today's motivation.
Help others.

Here's the thing: There is a whole lot of stuff going on in the world. Heck. I bet there is a whole lot of stuff going on in your own state or city or neighborhood, dare I say home? There is always stuff going on.

I have continued to find this to be true: the more I focus on me and my own problems, the more monumental those problems often become.
The more I focus on others and what is going on with them...the more others focused I become.

And just one way I have done that, what I am now calling: 'others care', is by sending a something something in the mail.

Why do I know this is so powerful?
Because I know how I feel when someone takes time, energy, and creativity to send something in the mail to me.
It's that simple.

So today all I desire to do with the rest of the post is share some recent card eye candy. These cards were created with my 'variation on a theme' approach. I stayed with the same color paper. The same stamp. Botanical stencils. The same ink colors. The same medium, like that there vellum. 

This was cause for some creativity. This was cause for me to think about those I was going to send these cards to. This was cause for me to slow down. Be mindful. An 'Others care' mindset just so happens to create a self care reality. Because it makes us feel good to do something for someone else. 

That is a hormonal fact of our biology. God created our bodies so that when we did good for others we would received a positive hit of hormones that would encourage our selves to do that again.

Don't you just love that about us?

Self care is important. But let's add to the top of that self care list 'others care'. Make something. Put it in the mail. Tell someone you are thinking of them. That you love them. Or even happy birthday if that be the case.

Thank you for visiting today. You can see all the supplies HERE in my gallery as well as listed below.
If you any questions on the cards or any thoughts on the subject I would love to have you leave that in the comments.

And have a great day and a great 'Others Care' month.

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  1. Such a wonderful and important post and so well put. Also you inspire me with your amazing creations that make me want to go create - thank you for this post!

    1. Thank you, Cindy, for your kind words. Thank you for being here. Hope you are inspired to make and to give it away and take care of others.