How to Make Gorgeous Autumn Paper Leaves


How to Make Gorgeous Autumn Paper Leaves by Jamie Pate

 crafting in the season

Are you a seasonal crafter? I know several of my readers hale from the SouthernHem. So for me to go on and on about fall and autumn might have you like...'but it's Spring here!'. And that's OK...just turn this idea into flowers or hearts or stars or whatever else you have on hand.

For us NothernHem dwellers, fall is upon us.

And for ALL of us, the making season is upon us.

So let's just be making pretty stuff.

edited to add that as of 9-18-23 the Etched Autumn Leaves are currently out of stock. These Emboss Autumn Leaves linked HERE make for a wonderful alternative.

How to Make Gorgeous Autumn Paper Leaves by Jamie Pate`How to Make Gorgeous Autumn Paper Leaves by Jamie Pate

I did a thing recently and bought a customized set of new to me Distress Oxide Colors. You can hear all about that on THIS video.

When a crafter gets a 'new to them' product, with it comes all kinds of motivation to play with said product.

This new to me Distress Oxide collection was no different. I am taking some creative play time and doing just that, playing with these colors. And I am a bit smitten at the moment.


How to Make Gorgeous Autumn Paper Leaves by Jamie Pate

Then I also picked up these 'new to me' Spellbinders Autumn Leaf Dies. Oh my goodness are they happy. You can see all about that in THIS video also. And as I warned in this week's YouTube, you will seeing a lot of these yummy leaves in the next few months. I told you I was smitten.

How to Make Gorgeous Autumn Paper Leaves by Jamie Pate

Not only did I make inky backgrounds with the Distress Oxides. And not only did I then cut those backgrounds up with these Autumn Leaf Dies, but then the new Distress Mica Stain in Winterberry came out to play too! Do you see that Mica goodness on those leaves. Totally bringing out the mixed media play right here in the studio.

How to Make Gorgeous Autumn Paper Leaves by Jamie Pate

You can make these too.

This week's YouTube not only shares my recent ScrapbookCom haul, but a bonus at the end that is the making of these leaves.

And remember...if you are in the SouthHem...maybe try these Etched Flora Dies from Spellbinders...

I think these look perfect for all seasons. 

How to Make Gorgeous Autumn Paper Leaves by Jamie Pate

I had a dear girl over on the YouTube channel very recently share with me how getting back to her studio has helped her to not feel so overwhelmed. It's funny, to be honest, how making something with your hands, having no real expectation how it's going to turn out, can make for this joy that comes from inside of us. No one else really gets it, right? But we makers do. We know how important these little things in life can help add to the overall of all our life.
I hope you are inspired to make today and a little bit everyday.



  1. I love all your box choices (fall, 49 & Market, subtle colors, office supplies, type/fonts). Anyway, love the leaf set and how they cut through in the middle of the leaf. So cool. Thanks for the process video and all you do to get me wanting to make pretty cards.

    1. What a great comment to leave. Thank you so much. Making for others is such a wonderful gift of love.

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  3. Love the detail on the leaf dies.
    How did you make the background with the leaves?
    It’s been years since I have used any distressed colors. Your great video makes me want them now.