How To Create You Are Loved Tags for Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday Free Download by Jamie Pate

get your free download You Are Loved

Next week is Giving Tuesday.

Are you familiar with the spirit of that day?

It's also known as the National Day of Giving. #givingtuesday

This day has been designated to remind us to lift others up. We are already feeling very generous this time of year. The point of the day is to celebrate generosity and to give. How great is that???

Giving Tuesday Free Download by Jamie Pate

This post originated on the Heidi Swapp blog that you can access HERE.

In that post I share some ideas behind Giving Tuesday.

But mostly I am sharing this tag make.


wait for it...

giving it away:

Get your free You Are Loved Tags HERE.

Giving Tuesday Free Download by Jamie Pate

If you are encouraged to make next Tuesday a giving day from you, I want you to have this You Are Loved free printable.

Here's the thing:

you need to have a laser printer in order to print the tags, and then foil them with Reactive Foil and your Minc Machine.

Giving Tuesday Free Download by Jamie Pate

As explained in my article on the Heidi Swapp blog, I printed these tags on both white cardstock and then also some of the solid cardstock from the Storyline Chapters Paper pad.

I stayed with the gold foils like the Gold Stars as well as the classic Gold Reactive Foil.

Giving Tuesday Free Download by Jamie Pate

Then I went to embellish them with distress stamps, stickers from Storyline Chapters, as well as envelopes I made using the WRMK Envelope Punch of my most favorite paper craft tools.

Giving Tuesday Free Download by Jamie Pate

Here's the back story:

My nephew use to have a YouTube Channel that highlighted his biking and climbing adventures in Arizona. At the end of every video before signing out, he would look right at the camera and say:

"And remember, You. Are. Loved."

It's much more meaningful to me as his aunt and knowing his story, but still, you can't help but smile when someone tells you that.

And so these tags. That was the sentiment I wanted to share. My hope is that I can make as many of these as possible and give them away with notes of encouragement to my friends, family, and neighbors. 

What would you do with these You Are Loved Tags?

Tell me in the comments below.

And remember:

You. Are. Loved.

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