Three Things I Learned From My Gratitude Album 2021



Gratitude Album 2021 by Jamie Pate

as they say...that's a wrap

As we say good bye to November I am reviewing these past couple of months of focused mini albums that have been made in recent weeks.

Gratitude Album 2021 by Jamie Pate

First, in October, sort of hopping on the October Daily bandwagon, I created what I simply called my October Album.

You can find some ideas for that HERE in Part 1

And then HERE in Part 2

Then, in November...

Gratitude Album 2021 by Jamie Pate

...I made this 4x6 wire round book home for this year's Gratitude Album.

This year's Gratitude Album is now complete. Full. and brimming with pages replete with a daily gratitude documented exercise. But also, a daily creative page.

Gratitude Album 2021 by Jamie Pate

Sometimes these pages were more elaborate than other days. And I was completely OK with that. 

You can watch THIS video HERE to see how the mini began.

And then there is THIS walk through video that shares a look into the first two weeks or so.

Gratitude Album 2021 by Jamie Pate

Working through this monthly mini album taught me a couple of things.

The first one is pretty obvious: 

you do not have to have photos to record life. This album is photo free. The focus is first on the writing. Then on the creative side.

The second thing I have learned actually from the past two month's projects:

it does not have to be an everyday effort. The Gratitude Album does indeed have 27 entries. The October Album does not. This then taught me to change up my thoughts on the reality of this year's December Album. That album will not have 25 entries. It will have as many entries as I want it to have. No pressure.

Then thirdly:

I learned the benefit of focusing on one paper collection to create a very thematic album, but to also keep the options limited in an effort to keep the makes doable. Sometimes less choice is better.

Gratitude Album 2021 by Jamie Pate

So that's a wrap. Gratitude Album 2021 is one for the books. I would like to invite you to this gallery that you can find right HERE. Almost all the pages have been uploaded. It's good to have them all in one place like this. Well, you know...and in my actual album too.

Thank you for being part of this gratitude journey with me. If you have any questions about this or any other project please let me hear from you in the comments below.

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