Work Space Wednesday | 12x12 Paper Holder


Work Space Wednesday | 12x12 Paper Holder

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Welcome to another edition of Work Space Wednesday.

It's Wednesday.

Work Space Wednesday
12x12 Paper Holder

And we are talking about our work spaces and how to make them more efficient for the making. I, like you, am not here to always be in organizing mode. My desire is to have a space that works with me, not against me. Can you relate to this emotion?

Work Space Wednesday | 12x12 Paper Holder

The newest addition to my work space is the 12x12 Paper Storage exclusive at ScrapbookCom. It had actually been quite a while since I used a stand up storage like this. In the past I have utilized the popular storage holders that are plastic. I ended up just donating those as they were not acutally a great solution for me. So then I stored these larger papers in 13x13 boxes with the rest of the collection. That was not a great solution either.

Work Space Wednesday | 12x12 Paper Holder

What I found is that I really needed to start pulling all my 12x12 paper pads together. (I have also recently ordered another 12x12 Paper Holder so that I can store my go-to cardstock in that one.) As you can see, I don't actually have a lot of 12x12 papers. Back in the day that was all I had. With the selection of album sizes these days I think maybe people have less 12x12 paper than previous? Hmm. I'll have to ask that question.

The solution that this is solving for me is that now all my 12x12 patterns are together in one place. When I go to look for that perfect paper I only need go through this file of papers instead of all the boxes as I have previously done. There are a few more collections I need to pull from, so we'll see if yet another 12x12 Paper Storage will be needed.

Work Space Wednesday | 12x12 Paper Holder

The 12x12 Paper Storage goes nicely with the rest of the Craft Room Basics from ScrapbookCom. The cohesiveness of this collection is very appealing. The storage box stands 12 1/2 inches tall. It's a little more than 3 1/2 inches wide and then it's almost 12 1/2 inches in depth. It's made of that same heavy grey board as the rest of the Craft Room Basics which makes it very sturdy and durable. I'm pretty tough on these storage solutions and they have stayed in great shape despite my abuse.

Work Space Wednesday | 12x12 Paper Holder

Of course the storage solutions this solves is endless. From all sizes of pattern papers to stickers and envelopes to even your favorite crafting magazines. 

The 12x12 Storage arrives flat but is easily assembled. The adhesive is so strong though, that I will warn, be sure you are ready to commit when assembling. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I'm a fan of the Ikea Kallax shelving (and by fan I mean collector) and three of these boxes fit very nicely in one of those shelving cubes. Win. Win.

If you are a fan of paper, of storage, and of getting to the make rather than looking for the things I highly suggest adding this storage solution to your craft room and studio. 

And let me know in the comments what size papers you are currently collecting.

This will be the last of the Work Space Wednesday blog posts for the rest of the year. Let me know too what other storage solution challenges you may be having. We can address those in the new year.

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