December Album 2021 | Story No.3



December Album 2021 | Story No. 3 |

it's the happiest season of all

This is a happy season. For some it can be a hard season for various reasons. That's just simply the reality of life. What's ironic about the use of that Stampers Anonymous stamp sentiment, is Story No. 3 here in this December Album was not the happiest story. Do you do that sometimes?

December Album 2021 | Story No. 3 |

With the change of yearly seasons there are changes of seasons in our own lives as well. To be honest, right here on this page, the decorating of our Christmas tree came with it a lot of longing and missing of family who have moved or are in a different chapter of life. And while I loved the day with my younger kids at home, there was a definite shift in our usual traditions.

December Album 2021 | Story No. 3 |

Here's the thing: that's OK. It's a reality that should not be ignored. But there is also certainly plenty of reality all around for which one is exceedingly grateful.

Let's list some right here real quick:

a fun and quirky little tree

a beautiful daughter taking up the work of making sure that tree is done on this day

an album to hold ALL the stories

products that allow me to be creative and even work out a few of my thoughts and process through all the new

and let's not forget hidden journaling

December Album 2021 | Story No. 3 |

So now you know a little bit of Story No. 3. The fun part? All the things I used to make and celebrate Story No. 3 on the page. Boho Smooth Cardstock has a great green hue in it that I keep reaching for. Then I used the ScrapbookCom Winter Floral Stencil with Speckled Egg Distress Ink to add detail to the 3x4 card that was made from the Boho green paper. The Stampers Anonymous sentiment was stamped on a separate piece of Boho then double sided foam tape popped it up off the card. Grabbing some pre-cut Seasonal Sketch die cuts, I tucked that under the stamped portion and tied it all up with string.

December Album 2021 | Story No. 3 |

The card was scored at the top leaving a flap that could then be tucked behind the journal card that was already in place in the pocket page protector. One of ScrapbookCom's Tab Dies was cut to create a tab. The tab provides a visual so one knows there is something underneath.

Don't get me wrong. The story is not so sad that one cannot read the journaling. Nope. Not really. It's just the real part of this season we are in right now. Here's the thing: it causes me to be on the look out for more of the new traditions that will evolve from this year. It allows me to be OK when things are not perfect. And hopefully, it gives you permission to write the not so happy stories in your album too.

December Album 2021 | Story No. 3 |

It really is the happiest season of all in so many ways. Not 100%, but then...when is anything ever 100% ?OK...ok...when we are in our craft spaces making pretty stuff. Yep! You are right.

Here's to telling your story, no matter what that story may be.

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