Welcome To This Week | December 20


Welcome to this Week | December 20

 It's the week of Christmas.

Hey hey hey!

It's the week of Christmas.

Can I just share a little something something with you my friends?

Enjoy. Enjoy each and every moment. If you are putting so much pressure on yourself to make this a perfect week and and a perfect holiday I hope you will take just a moment to think about the enjoy aspect of the week. 

It's going to pass no matter how you spend this week or how you feel in the midst of taking care of all the things.

Here's what I know: there are those in this country who have recently just lost everything. Those storms that came through the south were devastating and took so much from those people just trying to make their life. Man! It chills me to think of losing my home and everything I have crafted within it's walls. 

But what matters more than that, and I would have to assume those storm victims would testify to this: what matters most is our people. Those we surround ourselves with during this holiday and every day of the year. That's what matters. That connection. The moments. The laughter. The tears. The struggle.

I know...this may be an odd message the week of Christmas. All this girl knows to do is share her heart. This is my heart to you right now.

Alright then.

Let's get down to a little bit of business.

It's too late to order anything if you are looking for a last minute gift online.

A great answer to that is gift certificates!

I for one am a huge fan of gift certificates. These can be mailed. Made pretty in a tag and put under the tree or in a stocking. Or email. How great is that? Have you used ScrapbookCom Gift Certificates before. They are a fan favorite. That's for certain.

Then there are the free gifts. Not only is this really pretty Glitter Snowflake Pops of Color a free gift at the ScrapbookCom right now...

So is this sheet of Gold Foil Alpha Stickers.
Both of these items are great embellishments to have for all kinds of makes all year around.
And yay you if you get to use that Snowflake Pops to tell stories of actual snow.
We here in Colorado are not that lucky this December.

December Album 2021 | JamiePate.com

A reminder for some December Album inspiration. You can catch all these pages that are completed so far right HERE in this December Album playlist.

The uploads may slow down a bit this week as all the family is on their way in even as I write this. It's gonna be a full house this year and I want to be on deck for it all. When the house gets quiet again the plan is to upload more stories into that play list. If you don't already, I want to suggest that you subscribe to the channel so you do not miss any of the weekly videos that are uploaded right there.

Stop the Blur Memory Planner | JamiePate.com

One more reminder, over at HeidiSwappCom it's a great time to stock up on past Stop The Blur Classes as the archive is open and you can grab classes you may have missed.

I for one am a fan of the November 2020 class as it is also holder of the best (in my humble opinion) printable of them all.

Have a great week. Honestly, I will check in here as I can. But you can find me in all the places as listed below!

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