Welcome To This Week | December 6


Welcome To This Week | JamiePate.com

 And it's December.

Just like that.

How are your holiday makes coming along?

This is the part of the week that I update you, my friends, on the events or sales or promos that are happening that personally, I think you should know about.

Free Gift

Free Gift from ScrapbookCom

ScrapbookCom's fabulous free gifts for you! This week, Monday and Tuesday, you can grab this wonderful Hero Arts 'Wonderful' Stamp Set. Your gift! Great words here in this set plus a couple of icons to make tags or cards or add to your planner. Be sure to check THIS out!

And by way of another reminder:

Holiday Inspiration Series

ScrapbookCom is also in the middle of a Holiday Inspiration Series on their YouTube Channel. Lots of amazing content and ideas to support your making as well as gift giving ideas. Click through the video to see even more of that there.

Lastly from ScrapbookCom I want to share with you that the Best of the LIVEstream Deals are back on sale right now.

Welcome To This Week | JamiePate.com

There are about 8-9 deals over there. Some are selling out. But check this out. Great, great gift ideas for your crafty friends. Or, you know...for you. Cause Santa seems to always have an issue with how to shop for us creative types.

Here on JamiePate.Com

Welcome To This Week | JamiePate.com

Right here on this blog I will be sharing pages of my December Album. Also working on a video to share some insight and more of the ideas that are making this year a reality. An actual process video so you can see how it came to be on the page. Coming soon.

Heidi Swapp Shop

Welcome To This Week | JamiePate.com

Also this week on HeidiSwappShop, new stamps were released last week. Did you get a chance to check them out??? 

Welcome To This Week | JamiePate.com

First there is Captions Numbers. I think I say this all the time, but I had no idea how useful this stamp set was going to be. I am using this daily in my Advent Storytellers. I should really post that, shouldn't I? Eager to get some time with in my planner. It's just a solid and already well loved stamp set.

Welcome to This Week | JamiePate.com

The January Captions stamp is begging to be used a lot more. Sorry, January, give me another week or two. Your worthiness will be experienced in all it's glory soon!


Welcome To This Week | JamiePate.com

Did you know...

Past Stop The Blur classes are available? Yep. Click right HERE to see if there is anything you need in your classes to continue to conquer this stopping of the blur.

That's it (I think) for now. Hoping this helps you keep a few things organized. As well as keep you inspired to make and tell your story.

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