How Will You Document 2022?



How Will You Document 2022? | Jamie Pate

let's say hello to a new year of story telling

Simple question:

How will you document 2022?

Will you continue with what works for you from last year?

Do you have fresh new ideas you can't wait to implement?

Is the idea of documenting a year overwhelming to you and you don't know where to start?

How Will You Document 2022? | Jamie Pate

May I make a suggestion?

Start at the beginning.

I know. Profound wasn't that?

Stick around. There's more where that came from.

How Will You Document 2022? | Jamie Pate

You have heard of priming the pump, haven't you?

That's what this little creative exercise was for me.

You are looking at the inside page of a new Storyline Chapters Insert.

If you are not familiar with this concept I would like to invite you to watch THIS video to get an idea of what is going on here. Storyline Chapters has been a serious part of my story telling for two years now. So many of you have raved about how much you love it as well. 

How Will You Document 2022? | Jamie Pate

As you can see, this 'intro' page to the first Storyline Chapters Insert of the year is pretty simple. It's a pretty simple format. It was just a matter of opening that insert, and getting the date in place with some number dies. Then let's talk about that Hello die for a minute, OK?

Love these Word Dies from ScrapbookCom right now. I used the outline HELLO for the title page. You can see that it's sort of a two for one: the negative 'HELLO' is ready to be used elsewhere on a page. Don't you love when you can get so much bang out of your supplies. These Card Maker Dies would, of course, also be great for card making.

How Will You Document 2022? | Jamie Pate

I'm sort of in love with these Tab Dies too. Thought they would be useful to index each month that I will fit inside this insert. I could have stamped the months in there. But these Wordfetti stamps have my heart in a big way. So words it was.

How Will You Document 2022? | Jamie Pate

Oh. And that butterfly? That is from Vicki Boutin's Fernwood Collection. It's a vellum specialty paper that I fussy cut the butterfly out of. Because. Butterfly. It's a love love relationship with that icon. And it looks so pretty in the green and gold (green being the color of January, of course).

Ok. There you have it. Hope this inspired you to just start. Start on your inspo page and pay attention to what this year's story telling is telling you about how to tell your story. Whew. That was a lot of story and telling.

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