Welcome To the Week | January 10


Welcome To the Week | Jan 10 | JamiePate.com

Week Two is here

Gracious...is it the second week of the year already?

When someone told me that 2022 was actually going to be 202-too I did not believe them. And here's the deal, with a very sick mama, this does not come even close to 2020. I know so many people who lost friends and family and have been terribly sick this past year. Then this year just hit our family like a big boom.



I'm a gonna be a grandma here soon..so throw that into the mix.

All that to say, just a lot going on. 

And SOOOO many of you, in the midst of your own journey reaching out and say you are praying for my Mom is so overwhelming and kind. Thank you. Thank you.



Welcome To the Week | Jan 10 | JamiePate.com

I have a super secret thing I am working on this very week. You will see some hints and sneak peeks on social later this week. Hope you are following along on Facebook or Instagram. Oh man...I'm so excited. Think you are gonna love this so much! 



Welcome To the Week | Jan 10 | JamiePate.com

This week over on Heidi Swapp Shop is an event that's been dubbed Shop the Blur. How cute is that?

There are about five months of re-stocked Stamp Society stamps available to pick up on the site. See HERE for all the Shop the Blur sale items plus stamps and Stop the Blur stuff pulled out of the vault. When it's gone it's actually gone this time.

Shop the Blur ends this Friday, January the 14th.



Welcome To the Week | Jan 10 | JamiePate.com

The January Clearance Sale is in full swing. It's just like January to put all kinds of great items on sale. Have you met these Magnolia Jane Memory Files before? They are beautiful and useful for all kinds of reasons and things. Click HERE to take a closer look as well as see another project of mine on that page you might not have ever seen before.

Welcome To the Week | Jan 10 | JamiePate.com

Then also...this really pretty Glass Pen and Ink Kit

There is a lot more on clearance. Hope you check it out.


Welcome To the Week | Jan 10 | JamiePate.com

...the freebie in the house right now are THESE matte black alphas. Always useful and needful for labeling or tilting or dating any project you have in mind. Or even your spices. Ha!

I'd show off the black alphas in use, but honestly, they are not to be found at the moment. 

Welcome To the Week | Jan 10 | JamiePate.com

Hope this inspires you with some fresh ideas and some stocking up prospects as well.

Also hope this is helpful a bit as well.

Hey friends...when you shop these links below, I receive a small kick back from your sales from ScrapbookCom & Heidi Swapp Shop. There is absolutely no extra cost to you at all! But these commissions help to cover the costs of this blog and other expenses to provide you with these and other project ideas. I want to continue to bring you FREE inspiration. Shopping these links allows me to do just that. I can't thank you enough for your love and continued support.

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