How To Never Give Up Hope | Stamp Collage



How To Never Give Up Hope | Stamp Collage |

a reminder just for the record

If it was not one time, it was at least five that I heard in one week this sentiment in some form or another.

Does that happen to you? Does a thought resonate with you and you hear it in different places in your daily life? 

This time I captured the thought and stamp collaged it out for my Memory Planner.

How To Never Give Up Hope | Stamp Collage |

This did not get a whole lot of thought from me actually. That said, there were several components involved leading to the making of this. 

First...when stamp quotes show up on Instagram or Pinterest I have to stop and stare. Every time. Which usually goes something like: "I should really make one of those sometimes". Can you relate?

How To Never Give Up Hope | Stamp Collage |

Second. Pink. Pink has been a staple in this girl's creative world for awhile. It's turned a bit obsessive it would seem. But I don't know...can you actually give too much attention to a color? I could be black, right? Cause that is what I am most usually found in. So to answer the question, cannot have too much of a color in their life. It's a thing that brings me much joy.

How To Never Give Up Hope | Stamp Collage |

Now then...what is a quote stamp collage without a great alpha? The studio collection of alpha stamps seems to be constantly growing. Is there a term for a lover of fonts? Fontophile? Hmmm...don't quote me. Like. At all.

How To Never Give Up Hope | Stamp Collage |

This is a new alpha that ScrapbookCom just put up in their online store. There is an upper and a lower set. Both have a home here in studio. Both have been used often already. Am seeing them as go-to fonts. Cause again, one cannot have too many alpha stamps either. You can fact check me on that one.

How To Never Give Up Hope | Stamp Collage |

Lastly, this was a wonderful exercise in heart stacking. In a previous creative session I was using Distress Oxides and stencils and just playing with layering and color and pattern. That little exercise was not intent on going anywhere. But, it left me with patterns to add to a future project. Love when that happens.

Here's to hoping you too never give up hope. And that you will stamp your favorite quotes to add to your Memory Planner and scrapbook pages, or hey...even your wall.

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  1. Jamie, this is beautiful! I love your post and the beautiful pics, too!