Welcome to the Week | March 7 2022


Welcome to the Week | March 7 2022 | JamiePate.com

It's been a minute.

You know when life feels just about upside down?



OK then...I digress.

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood all snowy and what not. This week there are several fun and crafty things a happening.




Welcome to the Week | March 7 2022 | JamiePate.com

And that means ALL. New Distress Color? Yep. It's on sale. 

The Ideaolgy I used on the above MemoryDex Card? Yep. It's on sale.

Welcome to the Week | March 7 2022 | JamiePate.com

The Sizzix Butterfly and the Stampers Anonymous Stamps and the Idea-ology Phrase Sticker seen here in the above image? Yep. IT'S ALL ON SALE.

Click HERE to go directly to all that is on sale this week with Tim Holtz and Mixed Media + a free gift.

Gosh! Don't you just love Mondays?

Then there is this:

National Craft Month 30 Days of Creativity...

Welcome to the Week | March 7 2022 | JamiePate.com

I know...I know...I shared a bit too late that I was celebrating the month by posting daily some MemoryDex Cards. And I am very sorry about that. Thank you for being patient with me. Maybe we will do it again in the fall. What would you think of a 30 days of gratitude with MemoryDex? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

See HERE for more details for 30 Days of MemoryDex.

You can also follow the hashtag #jp30daysofcreativity on my Instagram feed at @jamiepate. Say hi when you scroll by.


Welcome to the Week | March 7 2022 | JamiePate.com

Lastly, this Thursday, Heidi's class goes live. This one is called   


Heidi Swapp Box of Tricks    


 I canNOT wait for this. Are you signed up? It's still on early bird special for $25.

Click HERE to find all the details to join this very fun paper crafting adventure.

Welcome to the Week | March 7 2022 | JamiePate.com

Hope this inspires some new seasonal makes and grabbing some mixed media supplies and then maybe even showing up in the new video series with fresh inks in hand.

And let me know your thoughts on a future MemoryDex challenge below.

See you around.

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  1. YESsssssssssssssss on gratitude or any MemoryDex cards! Love, love, love your MemoryDex creations

    1. I may be a little behind from where I would like to be. But then...it's just all kinds of making to look forward to. How is your MemoryDex going, Belinda?