Workspace Wednesday | How-To Solutions for Planner Supplies



Workspace Wednesday | How to Solutions for Planner Supplies | Jamie Pate

looking for planner supply storage solutions?

Just like this week's fresh YouTube video, Workspace Wednesday is back!

Back with a very specific storage solution solution.

Heidi Swapp just keeps bringing us versatile and stylish planner supplies for our Memory Planners or whichever planner you find yourself working in. AND...they need a home.

Workspace Wednesday | How to Solutions for Planner Supplies | Jamie Pate

This week ScrapbookCom has their Storage and Organization Event happening. The storage solutions I am sharing today are on fantastic sale! Seriously! This is a great time to grab some storage basics and make way for more making and memory keeping.

First, I want to talk about the 6-Compartment Organizer. This rectangular solution can sit up on your work surface or, as I will share momentarily, it fits right in the top of one's Raskog cart. And not just one either. Wait...I am getting a head of myself.

Here are a few facts about this particular organizer:

  • the 6 Compartment Organizer is white glossy heavy paper wrapped around even heavier grey board for plenty of sturdy storage. I love that it's not only stylish but very practical too
  • the dimensions are just about 11 inches long and 7 inches wide. The sides come up to almost 3 inches
  • the front four compartments measure as follows: 3 1/16" wide, 2 1/2" deep, sides are 2 1/2" tall - designed for your 3x4 pocket cards and stamps
  • the back two measure as follows: 6 1/4" wide, 2 1/2" deep, sides are 2 1/2" tall - designed for your 4x6 pocket cards and stamps
  • endless storage idea possibilities
  • matches the other Craft Room Basic Collection 

Workspace Wednesday | How to Solutions for Planner Supplies | Jamie Pate

The next piece I am talking about this week is the 6-Compartment Stadium Organizer.

Here are some facts and figures on this organizing piece:

  • same as above, it's white heavy duty construction
  • matches the rest of the Craft Room Basics so everything looks clean and cohesive
  • the dimensions are 7 1/2 wide and 10 1/2 inches deep
  • three different rows of compartments measuring as follows:
  • Front two compartments: 3.5" wide, 3" deep, sides are 2" tall
  • Middle compartment: 7" wide, 3" deep, sides are 2" tall (middle compartment is raised approx. 1")
  • Back compartment: 7" wide, 3.25" deep, sides are 5" tall
  • you need this for so many reasons

Workspace Wednesday | How to Solutions for Planner Supplies | Jamie Pate

Here's how I am using the 6-Compartment Stadium specifically for Heidi Swapp Planner Stash (and don't worry, there are way more around here being home to all my other favorite pretty stuff):

The front row is holding the Mega Date Stamps. Both of them fit in the first compartment in such a lovely manner.

Next to that are the 3x4 Stop the Blur Stamp sets. I am finding this very ideal to have all the stamps out of their pouches and in one place for easy perusal.

The third and last compartments hold the Stamp Society 6x8 stamps (along with the other non-SS 6x8 sets) beautifully. So far I have 24 stamp sets in those spaces. Yet there is still room for more. LOVE. THAT.

Workspace Wednesday | How to Solutions for Planner Supplies | Jamie Pate

In the 6-Compartment Organizer I am happy to say there is a diverse grouping of supplies sitting in these compartments.

The first compartment on the left is holding the Heidi Swapp Date Stamps, the smaller versions. Next to that I am starting to gather the Stop the Blur washi tapes. Again, it's preferential to have these lovely items out so one can see what one needs to make the most of the lovely items.

Behind those compartments is space for colored pencils and then some of the new scissors, bone folder and ruler. I should add, I am waiting for WRMK to bring THESE hooks back so that I can hang the scissors on the side of the cart. Think that will be a better solution for the bigger tools.

Lastly, far in the back is a single compartment that is holding the alpha stickers, the square and circle stickers plus all the stencils. 

Watch this video here to see a bit more detail how these are being utilized for the Heidi Swapp planner goods.

Workspace Wednesday | How to Solutions for Planner Supplies | Jamie Pate is all at the top of this Raskog cart. Don't you just love all the organized things? 

Remember, it does not have to be perfect to be ready to tell your story. But boy...does it help to know where all the things are so we can just get right down to the telling and making.

Hope this was a helpful article for you. Please feel free to comment below. Let me know too if there are other storage solutions you may be looking for. 

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  1. Love these as well Jamie....where do you store all the STB little pads, circles and other tiniest things that come out every month?

    1. That's a great question. Right now all the STB are still in their pouches. I have not moved those out from there yet. But that's a good question, as I need to.

  2. Thank you for this idea! I am ordering these right now along with the Raskog cart. Do you like your black Raskog cart as opposed to having the white one?

    1. Oh dear...please forgive me...just now seeing your comment. I have never had a white Raskog. So I do not know. I'm just always reaching for the black accessories though.