How To Celebrate Card Month | Part One - Make



How To Celebrate Card Month |

it's National Card Month

Celebration has been top of mind for me this year. After all, it is my One Word for 2022. At times this has been a little difficult with life being the problem that life can be. The inspiration remains the same, however, to find celebration in even the littlest of things.

Now, that is not to say National Card and Letter Writing Month is a little thing. But, the idea of card sending and letter writing may be a bit of a lost art form.

So. Here I am today to talk about how to celebrate Card Month. This will be a series that has I don't even know how many parts yet. Be sure to turn on notifications if you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram so that you too can follow along with this celebration.

How To Celebrate Card Month |

Today I will be unpacking the first way I think one should celebrate card month. And that would be by (wait for it): making cards.

Number One Way To Celebrate Card Month: Make Some Cards

I know. Ya didn't see that coming at all now did you? I'm sneaky that way. But seriously. There are a few scenarios to this idea, all of which could possibly be their own blog post article. Let's just keep it really basic and simple and doable: make a card.

How To Celebrate Card Month |

For this card that I made for this post today (and also give away), I decided to not only make a card, but to try a little technique to go on the card. One of the ways we celebrate: try new things. Make making an opportunity to do a thing you may have been thinking about, but did not really find a good reason to make. (Oh, dear, now that's a whole other subject.)

This Glitter Hero Paste was part of a most recent order I placed and received from ScrapbookCom. There will be an unboxing video of that this week. When I discovered this glitter paste on the site I immediately had an idea...

How To Celebrate Card Month |

To mix the Hero Paste with the ScrapbookCom Pops of Color. Yep. Haha! Yeah. I was a little tickled by the idea. For you see (and this will be in an upcoming video too), I LOVE the Pops! I LOVE to use the Pops through a stencil. The only challenge? the Pops is a bit thin for stenciling a design. I have been looking for a way to thicken it up a bit so that it would go through a stencil and have a good texture.

How To Celebrate Card Month |

I am pretty tickled, yet again, how this turned out. Now. This technique does lighten the Pops color a bit, so this would be a fantastic concept for the more brilliant of the Pops of Color. But, I'm not hating that Soft Lavendar mixed with the Glitter Paste making polka dots all over the surface. I'll be coming back for more of this for sure.

How To Celebrate Card Month |


Yes. I shot an image of the tape runner currently on my work surface. This is a new adhesive runner from ScrapbookCom also. And yes. Part of that last order too was the Deluxe Adhesive that is new as well. This pretty green runner here is the permanent, refillable, adhesive roller. It works like a charm. And what I am really excited about: It does not get gummed up and then make me have to stop the making in order to get it to work again. Hallelujah for tools that work! Can I get an amen?

How To Celebrate Card Month |

I also wanted to share one of my favorite Sentiment Dies. I use the Thank You Sentiments, most especially the 'hello' ALL THE TIME. I think it's important to have good dies, especially with basic sentiments, for card making. Do you use sentiment dies for your card makes?

How To Celebrate Card Month |

I hope this inspired you a little. To celebrate the month of card making. To make a card. To use your favorite supplies on those cards. And then to what? send that card to someone and make their day.
It is yet another way we tell our story.

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  1. Your cards are absolutely beautiful! I loved your course in Wild University and it’s fabulous to get even more of your creative tips here on your blog!!!

    1. Hi, Melissa! Thank you so much for stopping in. And especially for saying hi! I'm so glad you are here. Glad you enjoyed those classes. Let me know if you need anything.