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How to Tell the Story Again |

back at it once again

It's good to be back.

It's good to be adding stories to my Weekly Pages once again.

It's been a minute. But the stories never expire. So one can always come back to them. Isn't that such a lovely thought?

How to Tell the Story Again |

Here we are in April 2022. And there are some stories of April 2022 now sitting in my Storyline Chapters insert.

The level of satisfaction one attains from taking the time to print photos, write the journaling, and place them lovingly on the page is a very high level of satisfaction.

Just lock me up in a cabin in the mountains somewhere and let me get caught up on all these stories.

How to Tell the Story Again |

Just how is it that a person can start telling stories again if they have had to put that aside for a spell?

By starting right where you are.

I think it's just easier to tell the right now story. I think then that creates a level of motivation and a want-to. I think then the other stories that have been sitting for a minute come to the surface and vie to be told.

If we follow the little recipe above, the joy returns too.

How to Tell the Story Again |

Here is a bit more insight as to what has been working for me. Writing. Whether I write a little something every evening in my daily book. Or whether I start the morning off after a good nights sleep and just write. Just let the words spill out. Seems to be that when the writing starts, that the photos don't exactly matter. Maybe I should do a video on this as I don't want to be misunderstood here. The photos DO matter. The writing underscores them so much. Our raw emotions that are not seen by others in a photo can be found in the journaling.

How to Tell the Story Again |

For me when the story has already been told in my mind and then on paper or computer, the photos are then so easy. They pop out at me from my camera or phone. They are then saturated with story and this need to get those freed from their digital spaces and printed for the world to see.

It's magic I tell you!

How to Tell the Story Again |

Then. THEN...we are reminded why we love this hobby or past time so much. These stories, they are insatiable. They keep us coming back for more. Once a spread is on the page we are then rejuvenated to tell the next one. Then the next one.

And that is how to tell the story once again.

To see these pages up close and personal, plus a quick little process, you can find more details in this video here:

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