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Things I am Loving Right Now | Planner Essentials |

things I am loving right now

While I was pulling together April's Stop the Blur / Memory Planner pages, it occured to me there were several things, a few new, that I kept using on my pages. Or at least around my pages.

Do you have your tried and true favorites when working in your Memory Planner? I would love to hear in the comments below.

Let me share with you what I am loving this month.

Things I am Loving Right Now | Planner Essentials |

In this month's walk through video of the April Memory Planner Pages, I talk about these items that became needful to the making. One of them was this 5/8ths inch circle punch. I had kind of been plodding along without this size circle. But finally decided, no more! And so happy I grabbed it recently and is now part of my basic paper punches. (That may make for a good post too...but already I digress). 

I found I was using it for punching little thumb holes on tags. And then most especially for smaller round stamped images. I love this size so much! Not quite 1-inch, which is useful too. But I mainly was using this particular punch size this month on my pages.

Things I am Loving Right Now | Planner Essentials |

Then there are these Heidi Swapp Large Scissors. I am a scissor collector. I admit it. And I am actually OK with that. These scissors tho? Are bomb! They are hefty and make for a great cut. Mind you, these are paper only scissors for me here in the studio. So if you ever come visit remember that. Seriously tho...great great scissors. Happy to have these are part of my scissor collection.

Things I am Loving Right Now | Planner Essentials |

One would think that all Bone Folders are created equal. Ah! Contraire! This is a very special bone folder. It's sort of extra skinny at the point. I had no idea how great that was going to be. As a matter of fact, I had this bone folder sitting around still in it's package for a minute. Finally opened it and I'm like...woa! Yet another happy to have tool in the stash.

Things I am Loving Right Now | Planner Essentials |

These Craft Basic Storage Solutions are featured on the blog all the time. I most recently started to store the Heidi Swapp 4x6 stamp sets in the Tall Skinny Stadium. Boy am I happy to have these in here. And will be ordering more soon to get ALL my 4x6's in line. Like I mentioned in the video, it will for sure hold 30 sets and may even hold more. I'll let you know. Or you let me know. 

Things I am Loving Right Now | Planner Essentials |

Lastly, the Blush Planner Insert is new this month as I had finished the last planner in March. This one is on sale through May 17 for a screaming deal. You can find that HERE. 

I am loving this current planner as it is very neutral inside. Not only do I love to simply shake things up a bit, but I am a neutral kinda gal. Any color palette, so far, is working in this book. You can see how that goes in the video this week:

Alright. Tell me, would you like a What I Am Loving Right Now blog series? I enjoyed sharing my current Memory Planner loves. Hope they help you as you continue to tell your stories in your planner too.

You can find the Heidi Swapp Planner Essentials right HERE.


  1. Well done❣️ Would love to know how you make the circle index tabs you use in the tall stadium organizer.

    1. I just type them out on a document. Print. Then punch out with a circle punch. Let me know if that is helpful.