For the Love of Stamp Storage | Work Space Wednesday



For the Love of Stamp Storage | Workspace Wednesday |

for the love, indeed

Storing and organizing our things that help us make pretty things is such a big topic. Do you agree?

Today we are here for it again.

Welcome to this ongoing series called Work Space Wednesday. Follow along for tips to help solve storage dilemmas you may have.

This particular storage solution, called the Tall Skinny Stadium Organizer, is simply a must have. Meaning, I had one. But since discovering how perfect these organizers are for holding all the 4x6 stamps in my stash, I have invested in even more. Every time I post an image with a sneak of these holding the stamps, you all are sure to ask for more information and links. So here today, let's just chat about them for a bit.

For the Love of Stamp Storage | Workspace Wednesday |

As already stated, the Tall Stadium is holding the 4x6 stamps that are a growing collection in the studio. Yes. I said collection. We are collectors of the items that fuel our making of pretty things. And who agrees? How frustrating is it to not be able to find THAT stamp? It was happening way to often. 

And while I have used different storage solutions, this one is winning. This one is winning for two reasons:

1. the stamps stand tall in the holder as the compartments are deep enough, and my stamps do not 'slouch'
2. this storage solution holds SO many stamps! 

For the Love of Stamp Storage | Workspace Wednesday |

At last count, I can fit 17 stamp sets inside each of the compartments. Seventeen!!! Yikes. Do I even want to confess I own that many stamp sets?

So let's do the math - 17 x 3 = 51.

Fifty-one, my friends!
And that's just one holder.

You can see in the image above that I have in this Stadium 3x4 stamps in the front compartment. So I guess you could say this is a 3x4 and a 4x6 stamp set holder.

Are you excited about this stamp storage solution yet?

For the Love of Stamp Storage | Workspace Wednesday |

Here are even more details. When two of these sit together they only take up 10 inches of space in width. That means you could easily fit this in your Kallax cube unit if that is what you have. But clearly, these will fit nicely on most shelving. Or heck! Just keep them on your work surface close to the crafty action.

Since it is a stadium, that means that each compartment is a tad higher that the previous one. That's perfect. It keeps them elevated for even further organizational flair.

For the Love of Stamp Storage | Workspace Wednesday |

All the compartments are 4.75 inches in width. They are each 3.25 inches deep. 

Each of the compartments can be adjusted for height as there are two movable greyboard inserts. One is 1 inch and the other is 2 inches in height. These are included so that you can customize the height of the divided sections. How clever is that?

For the Love of Stamp Storage | Workspace Wednesday |

One other aspect of these storage solutions that is worth sharing is that they are not called Craft Room Basics for nothing. The white creates a 'basic' look that works with most studios or craft rooms. Having these solutions all one color creates a cohesive look, especially when these Craft Room Basics are working together on a shelf. 

That said, I have seen these organizers altered from very lavish to very simple. Me? I prefer to keep them clean and white. I love that linear look. I love these organizers. I love having these containers giving real solution to the craft stash storage needs.

How about you? How is your organizing going in your space? Do you have a dilemma that needs a solution? Let me know in the comments. I would be happy to challenge this out with you and see what we come up with.

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  1. Do they have one for the large Stamp Society sets?

    1. Yes! Need one for those as well! Okay, maybe 2! Lol!

    2. All I can say is: Not Yet.

  2. Going to order at least one and hopefully they will fit in the top shelf of my craft cart. Jamie, how do you store your 6x8 Stamp Society Sets? Thanks for sharing.