Happy Father's Day Card | Parade for Pops



Happy Father's Day Card | Parade for Pops | JamiePate.com

great day for a parade 

Happy Father's Day Card | Parade for Pops | JamiePate.com

Hey...join us today on Instagram for a Parade for Pops! Follow these hashtags for all the inspiration. And then make something for that man in your life who was such a great pop!

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I'm asking the question this week on the Facebook page:

are you a card maker?

I just had an idea right now... this post today is celebrating our Dad's or those who have filled in as Dad to us. It is also celebrating two ways I used that mixed media medium Pops of Color to add some fun to this card. But, the idea I had just right now is that for you maybe not really card makers...I now want to turn this card idea into a scrapbook page. What do you say? Should I do that?

Happy Father's Day Card | Parade for Pops | JamiePate.com

In the mean time let's talk cards and dads and pops! of color that is.

Happy Father's Day Card | Parade for Pops | JamiePate.com

This Hey Happy Father's Day card was crafted in my sort of usual way. Layers and tags and phrases and dies and even some color this time! The Royal Blue Pops is the color found on this card. I really had fun coordinating that hue with the shades found in the Boho Paper Pad. 

More than that...I had fun adding the Pops in a couple fun technique-ey ways.

Happy Father's Day Card | Parade for Pops | JamiePate.com

First technique found on my Father's Day card was this one:

I used a craft knife and spread the Royal Blue Pops of Color on a blue shade of the Boho card stock. I wanted the color to stay rich and true. That's why I went with the blue on blue effect.

Now, key here...let this dry really well. Here at 7K feet the pops dries pretty quick. I still take the time to prep my medium first, then set it aside and work on something else entirely.

After the Royal Blue dried really well, I used the Stars Slimline Die to die cut out, well...a bunch of stars. See what I did there? This was a fantastic way to not only create star embellishments, but to also create them in a customized color. All the extra stars that I did not 'Pop' up on my card I saved and will use for another project. Like maybe that Father's Day layout I alluded to earlier.

OK. On to technique number 2...

Happy Father's Day Card | Parade for Pops | JamiePate.com

This one is super easy too. Using the new YAY stencil, I mean...how much fun is that stencil anyway? I layered the Royal Blue Pops through the stencil, again, onto the blue Boho paper. Again, allow this to dry well. Then I just cut out strips to use as embellishment to my card. And of course, there are strips left over for another project.

Wow! Not only did we just make customized embellishments for this card, but we have tid bits left over for future projects as well. 

It's the Parade of Pops that just keeps giving.

Happy Father's Day Card | Parade for Pops | JamiePate.com

And that is just one way I will be celebrating Father's Day this year...with a card embellished with the 'Pops'.

I hope this has inspired you to get those Pops of Colors out and get crafty with them. It's for sure a wonderful creative exercise. But then to make something for someone you love is the best inspiration of all.

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  1. Very cool yet manly and simple. Thanks!

  2. Yes! Thanks for that. Simple for the win!