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Most Exciting Storage Solution Yet |

it's not actually Wednesday...but...

Any day is a fabulous day for the most exciting storage solution yet.

How'd ya like that for some hyperbole?

Most Exciting Storage Solution Yet |

Today is the launch of the brand new Stackable Paper Trays from ScrapbookCom.

If you are a follower of this blog, you know that I am a fan of craft room solutions and of culling all the beautiful things. This, the newest craft room organization feature from the SBC is much adored by me. I have had a need for just this: paper stackers. And as the video below will show (I had not opened nor knew these were on the way) I am sort of geeking out over these new purveyors of the scrappers stash.

Most Exciting Storage Solution Yet |

These 12x12 Paper Trays are terribly practical. And I'm here for the practical. To have these, my current favorite papers, easily accessible in this studio space is a brain saver. What I mean by that? To have these patterns organized by collection, I can just pull from the tray that is holding the needed paper, peruse said papers and get back to work with my selection. 

Most Exciting Storage Solution Yet |

Here are a few details on the trays:

  • measuring at 12.75 x 12.75 inches, they are made to fit most cubed shelving units. Hallelujah for that!
  • each tray locks into the tray beneath, making them a stackers dream
  • the trays are notched making it easy in the paper stash choosing
  • the units are made from a very durable plastic.
  • oh...and they are just pretty!
Take a look at this quick bonus video to participate in all the oohing and ahhing. I think you will agree: these are a paper hoarders collectors organizational dream.

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