The Number One Rule For Fall Makes


The Number One Rule For Fall Makes |

I love fall most of all

We tend to make things complicated, wouldn't you say?

For instance, and this is sort of silly, but it was on my mind and I wanted to share. So here we go.

Fall palette. Yes. Fall palette. I have been making this very complicated. For whatever reason. What should my making fall palette be? What hues do I want to create with only? How do I want to go about all the making that is in my head.

But wait. Here's a thought :: make what you want with what you want to make.


Can I get an amen?

And maybe this is just me. That first born perfectionism raising it's ugly head yet again. What color should fall be, she asks?

Here's the most obvious answer and one that I just came up with:

Any color you want!

Wow. How freeing was that? 

Very, actually. Thank you for asking.

The Number One Rule For Fall Makes |

I love fall. And while I can be very monochromatic in my makes I think it's the colors most of all that really get me. The photographic opportunities. The texture. The hues. It's really a new awakening after the beautiful season that is summer.

And wow!. Aren't seasons amazing? Four times a year we get to reboot the colors and decor and clothes and foods. Gosh I love that! But I think I am digressing once again. 

The Number One Rule For Fall Makes |

So here's to a fresh new season. Here's to fresh new palettes. And with that any colors and hues and shades ya want! It's a celebration in a fresh start. This should be embraced and noted and documented and enriched. Not limited because we (and by 'we' I mean 'me') feel like it HAS to look a certain way. It doesn't. Who made those rules anyway? This rules girl is gonna dance a happy dance right now.

The Number One Rule For Fall Makes |

This little declaration is how I am going to go forward with my making. I'm just going to exploit what I like. I'm just going to embrace what I love. I'm just going to learn to be better at making with no rules. This will be a fresh focus to being in the moment. The making moment.

The Number One Rule For Fall Makes |

With that said, I am no authority. I am not an authority on story telling or tag making or stamping or colors. Um...certainly not colors. I'm just here to share ideas that find their way on my work space. That's all. I really, really like making stuff. I love sharing it. And I adore this community that seems to share the same sentiment as myself. We 'get' each other.

The Number One Rule For Fall Makes |

So with this declaration of making what comes to me and trying not to figure it all out, I hope too this might give you the inspiration to do the same. If you want to make from one collection, do that. If you want to mix it up, well then by all means, do that. If you just want to stamp your heart out? Well then of course, do that too.

Let's stop creating rules that we think we have to live inside of when it comes to crafting. There are enough rules in life, right? Part of the love of making and creating is that we do not have to stay within any made up polices. We just get the joy of the make. And that joy of making is then shared with others.


  1. Totally agree! Looking forward to your Gratitude projects this year, always my fav!!!

  2. Ah, girl! Thanks so much. I am too. So much!!!

  3. Jamie. I love your style. Kinda subtle but easily classy and recognizable. Shirley

    1. Thanks, Shirley! My hope is that you are inspired to make and create a style all your own too. You have all the permission to lift and copy and use all the ideas. Thank you for stopping by the blog!

  4. I did not record these, no. I do have a video, however, of the OCT card. I will link that for you here: Let me know if that was helpful.

  5. Another classy example. I love it when you think outside the lines. To me that’s what creativity is. I have issues getting what’s in my head onto the paper medium. I’m continuing to try.