Two Festive Ways with Hallows Paper Collection



Two Festive Ways with Hallows Paper Collection |

it doesn't have to be spooky

It probably should come as no surprise that I am not that 'halloweeny-girl'. And I find comfort in that there are a few of us. I think there is plenty of room for all seasonal crafting types to live happily ever after. that said...when Heidi Swapp revealed her Hallows 22 paper collection this month, I really thought it swoon worthy. These papers have a fantastic vintage vibe. And earthy feel. my opinion, can and will be used for more than just halloween.

Two Festive Ways with Hallows Paper Collection |

I made some samples for the Heidi Swapp Shop website. Included here you can see a bit of those. This first way I used the Hallows paper is by making a simple chipboard openable. I used the door paper (and to be honest, I fell in love with doors that time I visited Paris...doors are bomb!) I covered chipboard with one of the door patterns. I went ahead and used OCT 31 ephemera because I thought it made like a great address plaquard. I went easy on the spooky tenants for the Hallows Bundle, but still wanted to have a little bit of fun with it. I adore the tags, and attached a moth to one of them with a tiny attacher. I mean, let's face it. Life is a bit scary at times. One needs to proceed with caution, but not fear. So. I just made it work for this oh so mini of a fall book.

Two Festive Ways with Hallows Paper Collection |

Inside I used more of the Hallows Bundle. That window slider is a fan favorite. And while All Hallows Eve is still something to be reminded of in my faith, I went ahead and used that stamp from the Hallows 6x8 stamp set

We just so happen to go to the pumpkin patch and farmers market on this day. And I am always looking for a pumpkin to photo as they are perennial fall to me.  And the crows right now? they are just everywhere. So for me, this little mini one page book was a whole lot of paper craft play, along with a right now photo. Plus tags hung here and there. All with such gorgeous papers.

Two Festive Ways with Hallows Paper Collection |

Now this multi pocketed tag is for sure a fan favorite! It also uses the Hallows 22 Papers plus pieces from the bundle. Now. I get a lot of questions about this pocket tag. And when I posted it on my Instagram a bit back it went a tiny viral  (well...viral for me). And the answer to the question 'is there a video to go along with this make?' is no. And yes.

Two Festive Ways with Hallows Paper Collection |

I do not have a video of this because Heidi has done this pocket tag as an extra bonus lesson in her last year's Haunted Mansion online class. Yeah. I didn't make that Haunted Mansion either. But I HAVE used the pocket tag idea over and over again. It has served this paper lover well. It's a fantastic gift for sure. When I make this as a fancy birthday or graduation card people always are stunned.

You can find THAT class HERE.

Two Festive Ways with Hallows Paper Collection |

So. That is two festive ways with Hallows. I actually have one more make I want to do with this year's October release. Let's hope for that to happen soon. In the mean time, remember this: there is inspiration everywhere. Even if you don't think you would do or make a thing, there is always another idea around the corner with which you CAN get your create on. That's my advice to you. From this un-halloweeny girl.

You can find all of the Hallows collection right here at this LINK.

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