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2022 Gift Guide | For the Crafty Minded | JamiePate.com

it's...that...time of year!

I have never done this before!

First time for me in forever!

And that is a gift guide.

I get asked very often about what my favorite craft and scrapbook and making products are. So. I sat down. And thought about it.

Actually what I did was looked through my posts and what not and my favorites were right there. On the surface. And if you are one of those wonderful creatives who follow me on my YouTube channel, you know I'm pretty consistent with what it is I love to use.

So here you have it. Many of those aforementioned favorites all in one place. And why did I do this? For you! Because remember you are the most difficult person to buy for, right? Nobody ever knows what to get you. So for your convenience you can just send them right here to this post with your list in hand and they can click through. And ta-dah! Everyone is happy. 

From the top, and from left to right I will chat about each of these items below. Are you ready? Let the giving season begin.


2022 Gift Guide | For the Crafty Minded | JamiePate.com

I would not even be able to be organized if it was not for storage solutions that were geared towards the crafty supplies. These make fantastic gifts! To be sure. There is a myriad of organizers to be found at the links provided. Not only that. There is a series of posts found here on the blog called Work Space Wednesday. You can find all of those posts HERE. This is a great place to educate yourself on certain of these craft room basics. Especially if you are on the hung for a specific solution that would be a great addition to add to your gift list.


2022 Gift Guide | For the Crafty Minded | JamiePate.com

This new Spellbinders Platinum 6 is exclusive to ScrapbookCom. When I very first say that it was coming to their store, I just kept my eye on this baby. I wanted a needed a work space size machine. This one is fairly compact. It's black and gorgeous. The kit includes the detail tool which I use ALL the time to weed out my dies if necessary. And it just might be an item you would not buy yourself? But someone would LOVE to know they could contribute to your craft time in an efficient way like this P6.

See it in action HERE. (video coming soon)


2022 Gift Guide | For the Crafty Minded | JamiePate.com
Pops of Color Page

Oh dear friends! Pops of Color!!! What a wonderful mix medium sort of item. I will link below one of my most recent videos showing off a very fun way to use Pops of Color. These little bottles of goodness would make terrific stocking stuffers. Or even just a little bring a long gift to a party. Not terribly expensive. Very pretty. With lots of ways to make use of all this color.

Watch Pops of Color in action HERE


2022 Gift Guide | For the Crafty Minded | JamiePate.com
SBC Fest Bundle

So. Have you watched the SBC Fest event yet? Or. Have you watched it and now could use some items in which to make. Well. Ya know what? I have my very own bundle over on ScrapbookCom! What??? I know! And I thought it would be a great addition to this year's (first every) gift guide. I mean a bundle full of my favorite most used dies and then some paper to go along with that. Yep! It's a winner for sure. And then you can watch the free SBC Fest even and get your make on!



2022 Gift Guide | For the Crafty Minded | JamiePate.com
Desktop Organizer

Brand new addition to the Craft Room Basics is this Desk Top Organizer. I love this as now I can keep my heat type tools ON my work space and they are so convenient to grab and put to use. I actually think this is a terrific gift. Plus, it's brand new. So I think it needs to go on your wish list.

Shape Dies

2022 Gift Guide | For the Crafty Minded | JamiePate.com
Shape Dies Page

If you follow along here even a little bit, you know I am here for the dies. So I had to add a few of my favorites here. 

Shown above include the Nested Pocket Dies. There is a whole series of videos sharing many ways to use those dies. You can find that HERE.

Also the Butterflies 1 Set. This is different from the set shown in the SBC Fest Bundle. But used quite a bit here and on the YT. 

And let's not forget the Sprigs Die Set and now a new friends, the Delicate Leaves Die Set. And of course, if you want to see those in action just find THIS video HERE for your viewing and die set pleasure.


2022 Gift Guide | For the Crafty Minded | JamiePate.com
Velvet Albums

BIG fan here of the velvet albums. I used the Blush 6x8 Velvet Album in the SBC Fest Class. I used the Black Velvet 9x12 Album for my Fall Book. And then now I am jumping in hard with the Black Velvet 6x8 Album. These make gorgeous gifts.Whether you fill them in already made for the receiver, or you give them with pocket pages and maybe a die set to help a wanna be storyteller on their way.


2022 Gift Guide | For the Crafty Minded | JamiePate.com
Roller Adhesives

Because you can't exactly get any crafting or making done without adhesive. I love these Roller Adhesives so much. You see them used all the time (along with the double sided adhesive) in my videos. Must have. And perfect for the stocking.


2022 Gift Guide | For the Crafty Minded | JamiePate.com
49 and Market Collections

I really wanted to include a paper collection here. And basically, 49 and Market is the one I reach for most of all currently. I mean...come on! Just look at those papers!! So. While I have been crafting with the Plum Grove Collection, I will be transitioning to Holiday Wishes for my December Stories. Grab some 12x12. Rub-ons. And maybe an Ephemera Pack. Maybe created a little craft kit for a friend. You honestly just can't go wrong.

While not conclusive, that is the top of mind Gift Guide for 2022. What do you think? Would love your thoughts, as well as to know what is on your list.

Here's to this wonderful season and all the making!

Your clicks through these links support this business, blog and all the tutorials and videos. Clicking through costs you nothing extra. But it sure is a great way to support all the ideas and inspiration that you find here. Thank you so much for supporting this effort now and all through the year.

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