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Three Ideas For Making the Page  | Scrapbooking  |

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Would you agree that there are so many scrapbooking approaches? Well, I'll just answer that for you. Yes. Yes there is.

Today I wanted to share some thoughts on my brain. Watch out. There are myriad thoughts on my brain. When it comes to paper play and scrapbooking, the ideas are always brewing. If only I could hone them all. But then why do that? What fun would that be anyway?

Three Ideas For Making the Page  | Scrapbooking  |

But I digress. And talking about ideas, that is just what this post is focused on. And what do I mean by that? If you caught the previous post, 8 Months, then you came upon another layout of this sweet lil' pumpkin here. There is yet another one in this 'series' that I have yet to share. But I really need to get to what I want to say about this. When I was making this layout, it was not the only project on my work space. There was the layout from the previous post, and then a third layout. Different photos. But the same 'vibe' if you will, was happening on each of them.

And what pray tell was that vibe?

Three Ideas For Making the Page  | Scrapbooking  |

There are several elements on these pages that are consistent throughout. Yet they all sort of look different.

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Three Ideas For Making the Page

1. The background. Each of these backgrounds were simply crafted from thick white cardstock, Cloud Whip Media Paste, a stencil, and Oxide Ink to color. Now, here's the tip, do all three backgrounds at the same time. I should really YouTube this out for you all, shouldn't I? I worked each background then let them dry all at once. It was a wonderful way to make several DIY mixed media backgrounds at once.

Three Ideas For Making the Page  | Scrapbooking  |

2. Each of the photos are matted on a pattern paper. This helps keep all the elements together on a page, in my opinion. I could have just added the photo to the background. But for this and the other layouts, the stenciled background anchors the whole idea. The photo mat then connects the photo and the clustered embellishment together.

Three Ideas For Making the Page  | Scrapbooking  |

3. And speaking of clustered embellishment, you will almost always find such a thing on my pages. And let's talk about this one in particular for a moment. Here I started with the Rainbow & Wishes 1 stamped image. As far as icons go, I'm not usually a rainbow girl. Not to say I never use them, it's just not a go-to image like hearts or stars or butterflies. So I decided to do a bit of monochromatic type stamping staying with these fallish hues. I love how it turned out. The cluster continued to build with that little 'love you' sentiment, also from that stamp set. And here's one of my favorite parts: the postal stamp die, as well as the Pops of Color leaf? They were already made. Sitting in my little dish. Waiting to be part of the next perfect embellishment grouping. Indeed a great way to make.

Three Ideas For Making the Page  | Scrapbooking  |

Three ideas for making a page. These are doable concepts. Easily repeated in each of one's layouts. With a lot of the making found on here, it's commonly the same thing, only changed up with color or icon or sentiment. And then...when you do three all at the same time? Ta dah! More stories for your albums. And that's the best idea of all.

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