December Stories 2022 | Story No.2



Family Portrait | December Stories 2022 | Story No.2 |

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Today's story is that of tradition. Tradition for my December albums, anyway. And that is the family photo. 

I always try to pin point THE photo from the year that includes all of us. This is what will be the first photo in my December Stories. I love having this consistency. I don't worry too much if I am not able to get all of us. But I do try.

Family Portrait | December Stories 2022 | Story No.2 |

My encouragement to you today is to find those stories you tell every year. 

If you have watched any of this year's December Stories videos (which you can find HERE) then you have heard me talk about my approach. I'm not trying to tell THE story found on that particular day. But rather I am wanting to support the spirit of the time with stories that I want to tell that might not actually be found in that 'exact' day.

Is this something you do as well?

Family Portrait | December Stories 2022 | Story No.2 |

The family page is embellished fairly simply. That Merry die tho...I just keep bringing it out every year. It's been a great work horse of a die for this girl and her makings. I share in the video HERE how I elevated the pieces to give it lots of interest.

Family Portrait | December Stories 2022 | Story No.2 |

Then there are the die cut florals and branches which...will be found everywhere. I'm addicted, people I tell ya! Watch too how this little cluster comes together making spirits bright.

Family Portrait | December Stories 2022 | Story No.2 |

When this page becomes part of the year's December Stories I feel as though my course is set. It's a bit of a 'OK...we are ready, let's go!' kind of feeling to have this story in place. A bit of a launch, if you will, into the rest of the stories to be found this December.

Hey, dear friends. I'm linking all the supplies used for this album down below. When you click through and purchase I get a little small commission from your sale. It costs you nothing. Oh..and hey...there is more than likely a freebie at the to add to your purchase too. So it's win-win for you! While it supports this blog and video channel and all the planning and making I share here with you. Thank you so very much for your support.

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