My Wish For You | December Stories 2022 | Story No.1



My Wish For You | December Stories 2022 |

December Stories + documenting now

It is with great joy to start this year's December Album and share with you. My hope is that you will also share with me. Perhaps a Facebook Group? What say you? 

I have already presented the beginning of the year's album in a YouTube video.

In that video I shared the following:

  • this year's album
  • products I will be using
  • my wish
  • my approach: December Stories
Watch all that in the video below.

My Wish For You | December Stories 2022 |

Never let a good prompt go to waste. Let me share something with you. Very often I hear from my Memory Planning friends that often they do not know what to write about. And yes. I totally get that. It's like being in school all over again: 'write an essay on the theme of Hamlet'...or something like that. Deer in the head lights is what my English teacher most readily received back from me. To say I hated writing in school is an understatement. My how that has changed.

But that took time. Habit. and...wait for it...writing. Yes. I had to actually do the thing to even begin to be too be good at the thing. But I think it was Ali Edward's that taught me to utilize the product as prompts. So...that's just what I did here: that Tim Holtz Christmas sticker (and I am so sorry it has already sold out) that says My Wish For You? That became my prompt for the very first entry in this year's December Stories.

My Wish For You | December Stories 2022 |

Then from there I created a place to hold that wish for me. And then from there I added a few more crafty items here and there to create my go-to embellishment cluster.

My Wish For You | December Stories 2022 |

You can see in the video how I created a hinge to connect my die cut WISH tag to what will be holding my journaling. There are so many ways to make such an interactive piece. It could just be in the pocket without an over hanging tag. It could be a type written page with no embellishment at all. It could have been a simple flap holding that as well. There is no one way to do this. This was just one way I was adding it in.

My Wish For You | December Stories 2022 |

Of course now, I have a wish for you. My wish for you is not too different than my wish for me. And that is: I wish you will be gentle on yourself and remember to be in the moment. No matter what chapter of life this time holds for you, I wish for you that you will find joy and hope and creative outlets in this season. I wish for you quiet nights by the fire and tree (if that is your way) slowing down and enjoying the abundance of the life around you. This might be a time of transition for you. Or this might be a time like it has always been but you may need to make some changes. This might be a time to add new traditions in or let old ones go. Being present seems to be an overall reaching theme. Difficult in this culture of 24 hour news cycles. But we can turn those off. We can focus on other things. Like the life that is right in front of us, warts and all.


And that is my wish for you.

Find all the details plus a 2020 walk through of December Stories in this video here:

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