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What Is Working Creatively | 2022 | JamiePate.com

reflecting on 2022

Wow! It's literally the last few hours of 2022. You know when you think you have time for stuff but then other stuff comes up and you have to take care of that stuff so then the planned stuff never really happens?

Yeah. That.

That is how these past few weeks of the year has been.

Ideally not my favorite way to end anything, much less a whole entire year.

So. Consistent with how I do attempt to go about life, instead of pouting about what I did not get done here on this blog or on my channel, I am going to focus for a minute on the things that worked. 

1. The first thing that comes to mind that worked for me this year was stamping. Thanks to Heidi Swapp and her stamps and her Stamp Therapy and her continued enthusiasm for the craft, I too have found that it has got a hold of my heart. I can honestly now say I love stamping.

What Is Working Creatively | 2022 | JamiePate.com

The images in this post today is of new stamps from Heidi: Agenda Months. Those numbers are bomb!!! I am so inspired by these stamps right now. You will see in the new year a bit more of an intentional approach to daily journaling and utilizing stamping and agenda kind of things to help that happen. Stay tuned for that.

What Is Working Creatively | 2022 | JamiePate.com

2. Another thing that continues to work are tags. I love tags. I think tags sort of exploded this year. I love to use them in my memory planner. I love to use them as embellishment clusters on a page layout. I love to use them as card fronts. Tags are endless ideas set on a tiny little canvas. And you know what else? People love tags! They love to receive tags made from you for whatever excuse you can find to give them a tag. Trust me on this. And try it out. Tags for the win, my friends!

What Is Working Creatively | 2022 | JamiePate.com

3. You can see peeking out from behind this tag the Wreath Dies from Heidi Swapp. LOVE. THOSE. DIES. I don't think they are just for the holidays either. Pretty sure you will be seeing those on as many makes as I can manage.

If you follow here at all, you know I am a fan of dies. They are some of the most versatile crafting tools I own. And just like the example above, that is 'suppose' to be a wreath die. But it will be used through out many seasons. That is one of the best things about dies. You literally can make them work for all the things.

Check out a few of my die tutorials here:

What Is Working Creatively | 2022 | JamiePate.com

4. Something else that has worked this year: making for the sake of making. This little mantra is also a guide as to how busy I am. If I go a whole week without time to just simply make, it tells me I am too busy. That's what I decided anyway. So this image above of a few of my current favorite things to make with is a little reminder that making for making sake is a great way to slow down. To think. To be purposeful. To breathe. It is an important therapy, creativity is. This little point too sort of wraps up the above things that worked and I loved this year. The time to put all the pieces together is important.

I hope in the New Year you too find time to simply make for making sake. I pray it adds richness to your life. To appreciate the simplicity of creating. The organic reality of taking paper and ink and stamps and making something of your time and your skills.

And with that, have a Happy New Year.

Links to Heidi Swapp Stamps found HERE.

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  1. Wonderfully said! I want to love stamping too. Not there yet, but practice makes better. Right? Thanks for sharing Jamie! Martha