How Do You Color the Season? | Tag Inspiration


How Do You Color the Season? | Tag Inspiration |

colors that inspire the season

To say that I am a very seasonal maker would be an accurate statement. Think it is part of the 'staying in the moment' philosophy one feels they are always working on. It's easy when one is making content for marketing and what not to get caught up in what the makes are for the next season. Perhaps that's why creating a color palette to work within has become a bit of a creative necessity.

How Do You Color the Season? | Tag Inspiration |

A couple of reasons I have been thinking about why I like to create color palettes and work within them:

I like the challenge of working in a limited color range

As already mentioned above, I am enjoying working with a seasonal vibe

I like things to be congruent

It brings connection to my projects and story telling within that season or month

How Do You Color the Season? | Tag Inspiration |

Here are the colors that I have been thinking about for January. And yes. Yes I do think in Distress colors, as a matter of fact. You will see what I mean in a moment.

Tattered Rose

Saltwater Taffy

Peeled Paint

Speckled Egg

Evergreen Bough

Uncharted Mariner

There are a couple of reasons these say January and Winter to me:

The sunsets of late have been a mix of Saltwater Taffy and Speckled Egg.

The sunrises this month have been a very cool Tattered Rose and more Speckled Egg.

Of course Evergreen Bough is that not quite evergreen but not quite blue that is a cool look at the winter sky.

Peeled Paint is a bit of a trend color for me right now. While there are still boughs of holly and greens in my home, I wanted to play it up with a bit of a different green.

And then Uncharted Mariner is sort of a current replacement for black. Black to me would have really grounded this palette too much. The Mariner plays so nicely with the other Distress colors that I am super happy to have it in the mix.

How Do You Color the Season? | Tag Inspiration |

So then, to play them out on a tag. You may notice I am using this stamp set here:

How Do You Color the Season? | Tag Inspiration |

This post is not only an ode to the colors of the month, but also a nod to my current resolve: 

I resolve to stamp more. And stamping with the new Stop the Blur stamp set is top of the list!

So here it is. All my most go-to colors of the month playing nicely with these stamps that also encourage the story telling. Just like I am doing here. Telling the story of the colors of the month.

How Do You Color the Season? | Tag Inspiration |

You have heard me say it before, but what a wonderful hobby and pastime we participate in. The opportunity to make stuff. The chance to tell our story. And the fortune to make them in beautiful colors of whatever one's favorite inks are at the moment.

I hope this inspires you to take a deeper look at the season around you. What colors are speaking to you? What colors need to find a more prominent place on your pages? How can you challenge yourself to a bit of limited creativity that might even actually add to your creativity. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy the creative journey and this new season.

You can find the Heidi Swapp Stop the Blur Stamp Set HERE.


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