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New Stamps in the Studio | January 2023 |

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Hello, 2023!

And hello brand new stamps.

As shared in my last post of last year, I'm here for the stamps. Would you agree the past year has been the year of the stamp? And it would seem Heidi Swapp is just getting warmed up. New stamps are in the studio and in the shop and I am here to share my thoughts with you.

Watch for the upcoming YouTube on this new stampage soon.

New Stamps in the Studio | January 2023 |

I have been waiting for just this stamp as shown above and in the feature image. Stop the Blur Stamp Set. Look at those sentiments! I mean...I wanna stop this posting right now and go get to laying these out on the page.

Already this stamp set has found it's way, of course, in my Memory Planner. But also in my Daily Planner as well. More on that very very soon.

I also wanted to make a few notes here as we discuss this newest stamp release.

1. First the not so great news: No longer will stamp sleeves be included with these stamp sets. And in case you did not know, those were bonus inclusions any how. So...what to do...what to do? I have two suggestions for you:

The first suggestion, because every problem does indeed have a solution, is to purchase those stamp sleeves. I for one need the sleeves. Think they are important to protect the stamps as well as to make sure the stamps themselves stay on the backer. Heidi Swapp Shop has THESE stamp sleeves available for purchase.

The second suggestion would be to CHECK OUT THESE stamp sleeves. Wide variety of sizes plus a larger pack.

2. The second little detail that I am liking on this new release is the inclusion of the stamp name on the stamp set. This will especially be helpful with the Stamp Society sets. I just like to know stamp names and what not. OK...enough of this digression. Back to the stamps.

New Stamps in the Studio | January 2023 |

The Agenda stamps are new this year. February released on Jan 1, and January Agenda released on Dec 1. You want to be mindful of when these release as they seriously go so very fast!!! If you did not get January Agenda you may want to click the 'Notify Me' button. You will be emailed an alert as to when that stamp set is available again.

New Stamps in the Studio | January 2023 |

So what is it I love about the new Agenda series? I love that big '2' number stamp. Each month will have its own new number. This coordinates with the Agenda Months stamp found HERE.

I love love love the definitions. This one includes 'believe', 'magic', and 'brave'. What great words to not only include on Memory Planner pages, but for sure on more personal journals. These sentiments are uplifting and encouraging. Certainly needful shots in the arm of inspiration.

Then, of course, the other additional sentiments are so so good! I believe they would make for great prompts for storytelling as well. Hmm...I'm feeling another album coming on. Oh wait, Jamie...finish the albums you already have started!!!

New Stamps in the Studio | January 2023 |

Oh and then...there is a brand new 6x8 Punny Valentine stamp set in the midst. This to me was just a great selection of dying to be made valentine tags.

I failed to take a better photo of this before beginning this post, so here is a look at it in it's alone glory. What do you think?

New Stamps in the Studio | January 2023 |

I think I could make variations of these tags all day long. I'm thinking teachers gifts. Encouraging tags for a friend. Of course, Valentines. And then to embellish our planner pages and journals. Here for it, friends. What about you?

There is one more stamp set that I do not have yet: Valentine Captions. It's SO GOOD!!! That will get its own post when I have it in my hot little hands.

Hope you found this post a helpful stamp chat. Hope you are ready for a new year of Agenda and fresh Captions and a resolve to stamp more.

You can find all the new Heidi Swapp Stamps HERE.

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  1. I don’t know what I am more excited about getting my hands in my own sets or seeing all the great things you will make with yours. Kind of hoping mine come in before I get to December in my stop the blur because I can see believe and magic from the agenda set going down in December.

    1. That's for certain! I think that stamp set, and actually, all of them, will be used all through the year. Love when the stamps just keep giving back. Be sure to check out today's YouTube as well. Just more reasons: