What to Put on the Planner Page | Memory Planner 2023


What to Put on the Planner Page| Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com

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Do you ask the question, what am I gonna put on this here planner page?

Do you feel like you do life in rote, just over and over again?

Do you want some unsolicited advice?

Don't over think it.

What to Put on the Planner Page| Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com

Today's post will be, hopefully, sharing just that. Some ideas for the page. Some insight for the page. Some fun for the page.
Let's start with something that I think is fairly generic, but I want to bring some specificity to it as well.

What to Put on the Planner Page| Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com


Yes. Add photos to your page.
But this time of year, here's a specific suggestion for you:
add a photo of you. And then some goals for you.
Now. Goals. Ugh. I actually have a hate-hate relationship with goals. Just being honest here. That said, when I added this selfie of me on the above page, then added GOALS with the November Stop the Blur alphas, I seriously did not over think the next step: the writing of the goals.
Trust me on this. I simply wrote what was top of mind with no real plan. Just putting my thoughts on paper and separating them from my head.
Friends, I'm telling you, there is power in that.
You want to catch up on your planner? Write that down.
You want to scrapbook a story a week? Write that down.
You want to journal gratitude daily? Write that down.
Are you seeing a rhythm here yet?
Trust me: write it down.
Then stick it next to a selfie so you can hear yourself saying your goals to yourself.

What to Put on the Planner Page| Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com


So this topic might sound redundant. But it's not really. The above item was photo, followed up by words. But words do not always have to have a photo. Words can include so many things. Perhaps you think those things are mundane, boring, or insignificant. I want to invite you to change your perspective on that. Those words, whatever they may be, I believe, will serve your memory some day.
Things like the weather. How hot or cold it has been.
Things like your to do list. Bullet point the day. Your agenda.
Are you a person of faith? Write down the verse of the day that is speaking to you.
Write down a prayer.
Write about a person who came to mind and maybe what you would like to do for them.
Just write. I know. This is coming from a person who has intentionally written stuff down since she was 14 (a  L O N G time ago), but you have to start sometime.

What to Put on the Planner Page| Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com

Dies. Titles.

Something that I really like to do on a page is create larger titles. I like the impact. It fills space. And for certain it brings emphasis to a certain something.
In the process video that accompanies this blog post I share how I am using the Modern Alpha Die from ScrapbookCom to make this title impact on the last week of the year page. It's super easy. I do this often, actually. And eager to do it again. I invite you to do the same. Pull out your favorite dies, and give them place on your planner page.

What to Put on the Planner Page| Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com


If you follow along here at all...
if you have heard me say it once then you have heard me say it lots:
pre make stuff and they will find their way on your pages.
True story.
When new stamps come out I love to have a stamp therapy sesh of my own and just play with ink colors and stamp placement and messages. Then, I save the tags that come from that sesh, and almost always, you will find them on my planner page.
This one is interactive as I created it to flip so I could view photo and journaling that is under the tag.

OK, for your viewing pleasure, you can see all these elements in real time in THIS process video here:

I hope you found some inspiration here today for your planner pages. This will be a continuing conversation this year on the topic of Memory Planner. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts.

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