Mini Album Returns | Easter Mini


Mini Album Returns | Easter Mini |

let's mini album together

What is it about the change of the season that brings sometimes with it a change up in the making?

Or is it that this girl and her making just follows a pattern. That could be true too.

Fall brings gratitude journals.

December brings the Daily album.

March brings MemoryDex.

Oh..and also, the want to make mini albums. The want is real, my friends.

So. Here we are.

Mini Album Returns | Easter Mini |

It has been a moment since I made a mini album. And not for lack of ideas. The ideas are plenteous. The photos are plenteous. The stories are for certain plenteous.


Mini Album Returns | Easter Mini |

To be honest, and this is not a plug or promotion, this is honestly how it works in this studio, but to be honest, new product on the workspace very often brings with it the want to make a mini and put all the fresh pieces to work.

Mini Album Returns | Easter Mini |

What you are viewing here is a new Easter stamp set that is cutesy and whimsical.  It for sure inspired my thinking to craft a story book from last year's Easter. This is often a method employed here often, telling a story from a year ago. But boy do I love doing that. And boy do I digress!

Mini Album Returns | Easter Mini |

So, for one, I took the new SBC Easter Stamp set, the Peeps Dies, oh, and fabulous 49 and Market Tranquility Collection to make a simple yet meaningful mini album. Gasp! That Tranquility is absolutely gorgeous. Don't you think I should teach a class with that collection? Please say yes!

Mini Album Returns | Easter Mini |

At this point today's post will direct you to THIS video. In this mini album video is a recipe for the pictured mini album above. The tutorial shares just how to make the book with all the measurements plus suggestions. And ideas for DIY embellishments. All the ideas to make what is sure to be an enjoyable creative session.

Check that video out here:

Thank you so much for being here. Hope this post inspires you to make and tell your story.

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