That's a Wrap | Christmas In July



And...That's a Wrap | Christmas In July |

see what I did there?

This is one of those posts that is to our future selves.

Our 'we are actually in the throes of the holiday and it's that making time of year and we need some ideas' selves.

If you are all about Christmas in July, well then this post is here for you now and for always.

If you are not on that bandwagon, and I totally get that! Then this post is NOT for you.


OK...let's continue.

And...That's a Wrap | Christmas In July |

The reason for today's post is that it is the last day of the month. And July, for many, is actually the first foray into the holiday making and idea gathering and even the supply buying.

With that in mind, I thought a central location for the few ideas I got out these past 30 days that were focused on Christmas would be a good idea.

So first of all, each week this past month ScrapbookCom offered a freebie die cut. Now, we all have quite the strong affection for the dies. Therefore, a Christmas in July Die Cutting Series was born.

You can find that series HERE.

It's not a very long series. But, here is my always hope when I craft ideas for the channel, that you would see the value of the make and then interpret the ideas using other collections, dies, and your own wonderful imagination.

That is always my hope.

And...That's a Wrap | Christmas In July |

This series included the Layered Fir Tree Die that was the first image in this post.
Then the above Tree Tag Die. Both of which I think could be used in other places besides the holiday theme.

And...That's a Wrap | Christmas In July |

Then of course there was the Mini Joy Die Set. always gotta have the joy.

And...That's a Wrap | Christmas In July |

This might have been my favorite CIJ tag of them all. This tag shares how to get three uses out of the HO HO Ho Die set. That VIDEO is HERE if you wanna take a look at how.

And...That's a Wrap | Christmas In July |
Santa Bundle

Another location in which to be inspired would be the gallery at ScrapbookCom. In case you have not been over there for a bit, it is now under the heading of Inspiration. But it's still the gallery. Just a different name. And it's still free. Free inspiration. What's not to love about that?

Over there you can see ALL the Christmas in July makes that were not included in the video series. This includes some links to the bundles. So then if you are a card maker and wanna get a bunch of cards done all in one sitting, bundling the products is the way to go.

Ok. And with that, we close out this year's Christmas in July, 2023. I'm with many of you, I don't really like to speed up the life that is already a blur. That said, I also know how we like to be ready with all the handmade love that we can give away. 

Happy Christmas in July, everyone!
See you next month.

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  1. These art all full of JOY! Makes me wish I had met you sooner