What to Know About Christmas in July


What to Know About Christmas in July | JamiePate.com

a most wonderful time

There are actually a couple of things to know about Christmas in July.

First. It's a really big deal.

To be honest. I have avoided Christmas in July in the past. Makes no sense, I know, since I do indeed dabble in marketing. It's just that I really do try to live in the now. The whole 'future me-ism' is a conundrum for this creative, actually. But the reality is, there is a whole lot of Christmas in July happening right now. And it's inspiring me.

What to Know About Christmas in July | JamiePate.com

Second, I have learned so much from those of you that comment on my questions that I pose in my Facebook group.

It's been wonderful. Education is a life long endeavor. To say I have learned a lot this month from fellow creatives is an understatement. You, my friends, teach me so very much. Thank you. Mostly that there is amazing card making going on now for Christmas, and that you all reach out to so very many people. I am so impressed. So touched. And so challenged to do better in this area of my life and make and send cards. But that truly requires belonging to Christmas in July to do this well. 

What to Know About Christmas in July | JamiePate.com

The third thing to know about Christmas in July (and this list is in no way shape or form conclusive) is that ScrapbookCom has been bringing the free inspiration all month with Christmas in July.

Today I am here to share the latest bundle that is available this week during the ScrapbookCom Livestream. But alas, if you come in here after the fact, the products are still available. So do not despair.

For this Merry Christmas Bundle I used several of the components to craft this card. I also considered using this as a pocket cover in my December Daily 2022 that I am still adding stories too. So there are many things one can craft with this bundle.

Using the A2 Merry Christmas Die, I cut two white cardstock card fronts.

What to Know About Christmas in July | JamiePate.com

Then I used the Artis Glue with the detail tip to glue the two card fronts together. These are some of my favorite type dies because they are open, creating lots of opportunity to interact with the layers.

What to Know About Christmas in July | JamiePate.com

For the card background, I used Distress Wood Grain Paper, and Distress Mica Stain in Merry Mint to add color and sheen and sparkle. I used this idea last Christmas too. You can find that video tutorial HERE. Basically used the same technique here as in that video. Yeah. I just keep re-doing the same things.

What to Know About Christmas in July | JamiePate.com

It's just as easy as spraying the Mica Stain on the textured stock, then dabbing it off with paper towel. Super super easy and simple way to create an interesting background.

What to Know About Christmas in July | JamiePate.com

Now to adhere the Merry Christmas to the background and create some lift. I used the 1/8 inch Foam Adhesive Strips to add the lift around the edges of the card. Then I used trimmed off pieces from the small circle foam adhesive. I could cut small than 1/8 and those pieces were then added under parts of the Merry Christmas scripty font. We can't have our Merry Christmas sagging now, can we?

What to Know About Christmas in July | JamiePate.com

Part of this bundle includes the Fa La La Wordfetti stamps. I love these word stamps so much!!! It's easy to just pick a phrase, stamp it in Black Soot on an Evergreen Bough colored piece of scrap cardstock. After which it was trimmed away and then popped up on the card front with more Foam Adhesive.

Oh...and for a bonus, I die cut Christmas Patterned Paper using new Cozy Foliage Dies to add more layers and dimension to this card front (or pocket cover).

OK....here's to another week of Christmas in July. Stay tuned as there is still more to come.

Find the livestream here:


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