Craft Room Q & A | Work Space Wednesday


Craft Room Q & A | Work Space Wednesday |

it's a q & a kind of day

The questions were asked:

Currently what is your work space challenge?
Meaning, what is something you wish you could be better organized with?

And boy did you ask!

That was mid-September when I posed those questions on my Facebook Design Page

Today's Work Space Wednesday video will be answering those questions.

Like this one:

"I need to organise my desk. 
What I want as an easy grab. 
(Everything of course) 
But what is necessary??"

In that question I talk about the Heat Tool Organizer.  How much stuff I can fit in there. How I decided what to put close to me in my tool cart. And a few other ideas for easy reach tools.

Craft Room Q & A | Work Space Wednesday |

Then there was this one:

"I could use a bigger space. Couldn't we all? Lol"

For that one I talked in today's video about the importance of knowing what you like. And creating space for those things. Even the importance of decluttering on occasion to make space for what really matters to our making.

Then there was this:

"Two things: I like too much stuff and second thing is the remaining parts and pieces leftover from a prior project."

Firstly, let's not apologize for liking all the stuff. Nothing wrong with embracing all the beautiful materials a paper craft artist has at their disposal. Then for that second part, I chatted about how I use the Storage Envelopes to hold parts and pieces leftover from a prior project.

Don't miss that!

Craft Room Q & A | Work Space Wednesday |

Then there was this:

"Im still struggling w/49 and Market embellishments/die cuts but I just bought a bunch of 4x6 photo holders I think I’m going to try."

For that I shared the inside of this 6x8 ScrapbookCom Album. It's full of 6x8 Open Page Protectors. Which then is full of 49 and Market. You can see that in the video.

Craft Room Q & A | Work Space Wednesday |

Then we also chatted about this:

"What to do when your a junk journaler and tend to keep all kinds of paper ephemera (just in case) but don't really have a place for it.

Loved this question. And so it goes, I may not have exactly answered what she was asking about, but I do think that this junk journal shown above may indeed hold some answer for her.

OK...what about you? What are you finding to be a work space challenge for you?
Part 2 will be shown soon. Would love to continue this conversation. 
Leave me a message in the comments or over HERE on my Facebook page.

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