How-To Inked Card Background | Cards For Kindness



How-To Inked Card Background | Cards For Kindness

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Are you a card maker? A tag maker? a scrapbook page maker?

Do you like to craft your own backgrounds with inks and sprays?

Sometimes we have an idea for a layout or a tag. But not the right background paper. Hate when that happens. Don't you?

We are makers, after all. We should be able to make things. Even backgrounds.

So make we shall!!!

How-To Inked Card Background | Cards For Kindness

When this Cards for Kindness stamp found it's way on my work space, I really fell in love with that sunflower. The sentiments were spot on too. Especially for making cards for the Cards For Kindness initiative. But, how to make it stand out. To give it primacy on the surface. That was the question in my mind.

How-To Inked Card Background | Cards For Kindness

Sometimes I think we forget about the basic tools we have in our craft spaces. Yes, tools. Inks and sprays can be tools. To solve the problem of a background I went to work, pulling out a well loved technique from my makers mind.

To start, I gathered my favorite colors to 'ink smoosh'. More on that in a moment. Now, just so you know, this technique can work with Distress Ink Pads, but for the best results I used the Oxide Sprays.

Now for one of the best color combinations I know:
Tattered Rose
Saltwater Taffy
Spun Sugar.

This is a no miss combination of gorgeous pinkness.

How-To Inked Card Background | Cards For Kindness

For the card background, I prefer to use Vicki Boutin's Foundations Media Paper .

Before we ink do this:

I am using the Just a Note Cards for Kindness Bundle for this today:

Stamp sunflower in a random fashion using Embossing Ink or even Oxide Distress works good for this.

Cover with White Embossing Powder.

Heat with an Embossing Gun.

Now you have a resist for the ink technique I explain next. The ink will not go where the embossing now is. You can do this for all kinds of stamps. Pretty cool, eh?

And again, I prefer the Foundations Paper as mentioned above when using water and inks and sprays. Here's what I suggest: get more than one pack! Yes! I am not even kidding. This paper goes out of stock often. Why? because it's so good for holding inks and water and sprays. Gee, that sounds familiar. You are going to want to have this paper and then some. I never have less than two packs at a time. This is an official hoarder confession. Except I don't actually hoard. I use it! (hint hint) then, after the stamping and the embossing, spray the craft surface with a at least a spray from each of the sprays. Yes. All three. Sort of in a line. And use the Silicone Craft Mat. Why? Because it cleans up like a charm. It's just no fail. It's a messy craft friend. That large one covers your surface so you don't get the ink on things you don't want to get the ink on. 

So, then, after the color is down, use the Distress Sprayer and spritz with some water. Hit the Foundations Paper card front too. At least once anyway.

Then...smoosh! Turn the card front down on the color and gently press. Check your color, you may like, you may need to smoosh a bit more. Then dry the ink. I use the Ranger Heat Tool. It does not dry so hot like an embossing gun. It's a fantastic tool. I use it for so many things. 

How-To Inked Card Background | Cards For Kindness

Then I take the Blending Brush and fill in more color on the edges using the Distress Oxide Ink pad. It finishes off the edges for me. Blends the other colors a bit more for a soft finish. And it's just so lovely to use these new brushes for blending colors. I think the kids call it 'very satisfying'.

How-To Inked Card Background | Cards For Kindness

I used one of the card backs for an entire card background.

I used another sunflower and fussy cut it out to make a card embellishment.

Then the third embossed sunflower was trimmed to a square and the corners rounded to be popped up against a white card base.

This is also a great technique to do in mass. Then you can bang out several of these cards and send them off to the good people at Creative Kindness.

Be sure to click through the supply list to see the tools that I used to make these Cards For Kindness Cards come to life. You will be whipping out these inky backgrounds for all your cards, tags, and backgrounds too.

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