6 Simple Ideas From My Studio Tour



6 Simple Ideas From My Studio Tour | JamiePate.com

come on in!!!

Are you ever curious as to where other creative souls do their creative work?

Do you enjoy a good walk through?

Would you like some ideas for your craft room organization?

Today is Labor Day in the U.S. This day prompted the idea that maybe we should share our work spaces.

It's been a bit since my last studio walk through. And I am in a much smaller and much more utilitarian space. So it was time to invite you all in and have some sparkling water and coffee and muffins and just chat for a bit.

6 Simple Ideas From My Studio Tour | JamiePate.com

Today's post title is called 

6 Simple Ideas From My Studio Tour 

So let's start with number 1:

One idea I live by is that a space should hold my favorite things. As a way of life, I do not prefer to have everything out. You will see in the studio tour video what all is hid organized behind closet doors. At the same time, I do like to have fun and pretty things on display. Like beautiful washi tape. And fun gold hands to hold some with. It's a quirky little hand statue. But it's sort of become a signature item in this studio. 

What is something that says 'you'? Do you display your pretty things in your creative space? These ideas can become sort of its own inspiration.

6 Simple Ideas From My Studio Tour | JamiePate.com

And speaking of inspiration...

Idea No. 2: create a space of visual inspiration. This is a sort of inspiration board on my wall above a bookcase. It's a grid rack. It comes with some clips but not nearly enough. And to be honest, this board is not even really that full at present. However, one of my intentions was to share with you in the studio tour video just sort of how things are presently in this room. And presently this inspiration board is not very busy. But, it IS inspiring. I love to add recent projects, especially tags, or cards, to this board, until they move on to the recipient or the intended home. It's always rotating. And you can see on the book case surface that there are some very seasonal makes displayed now. I think it's important we keep pretty things visual.

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6 Simple Ideas From My Studio Tour | JamiePate.com

The third idea found in this studio, is story. Albums. Journals. These albums, as you will see in the video, are on display. They in themselves are their own inspiration. At the heart of what goes on here in this space is story telling. That is truly the soul of my love of this multi-faceted paper craft hobby. With the love of photography so strong with this one, the chance to take photos, print photos, place inside an album with words + playful paper embellishments is one of the most satisfying things I do. With that in mind, this idea from my studio, that it supports the story telling, is a foremost reality found here.

What is the creative activity that fuels the need for your craft room?

6 Simple Ideas From My Studio Tour | JamiePate.com

The fourth idea found in this studio is to be organized. I believe we all could admit that being organized is never a 'one and done'. Organizing, especially with revolving product and collections, needs to be culled and reconsidered often. As shared in the video, this happens at least once a season. A recent declutter just took place in here, and I am now set to get me through the rest of the year. 

As is a normal inclination with the beginning of a new year, a fresh start will want to be had in the studio, and I will declutter again in January.

As our friend B Franklin shares:

"For Every Minute Spent Organizing, 

An Hour Is Earned"

So the idea here really is that it is worth it to be organized and to know what you have and then to actually use what you have. {{wink wink}}

6 Simple Ideas From My Studio Tour | JamiePate.com

Fifth. Visual encouragement. This is an idea that has been part of my studio when I started in a guest room in our first home years ago. Visual encouragement is so important anyway. Our makes can be those and be a very satisfying way to paper craft. 

There are several MemoryDex Spinners in the studio. Plus this Vignette Box from Idea-ology is now another home. Making MemoryDex cards is like making a tag. It may or may not be a quick make. It usually holds a quote or an encouragement. And it can be left out on display because we made it and we think it's beautiful.

You will see several of these on display in the studio tour video.

Do you do this? Do you make for the sake of displaying in your creative space as an encouragement to yourself?

6 Simple Ideas From My Studio Tour | JamiePate.com

Finally. Tried and true storage. This can sort of piggy-back with the being organized part. But slightly different and let me tell you how. The studio is not too different from my home: mainly utilitarian, but with furnishings that have more than one purpose. Like this Kallax bookcase. This is from Ikea. These 12+ inch cubes are the scrapbook crafters dream storage solution. As the video shares, this is actually a little light on the holding right now. But what makes this very important to me is that I can utilize the surface as another part of my work space. 

The shelving unit sits right next to my work space. I have figured out what I need to have right there to make the work flow even that much flowy. This is all a personal endeavor for each person's making space. This is what is working great for me now. 

It's a joy to walk in here daily and do the work that I do. 

It's a joy to walk in here and just play when the work is done.

It's a joy to have this integrated in my life, the making, the working, the space.

I do hope for you that you found some inspiration here. Some ideas for your own space. Or even thoughts you can implement now to make your craft room work for you.

Watch this video here for a deeper look into this space and ideas found here:


  1. One of the wonderful things about moving was going from a bedroom that I used for crafting to an actual office with large window and built in cabinets. It had been the seller’s ‘office.’ There is so much pleasure in seeing little things displayed that make me smile. I have loved Boyd’s Bears for a long long time. They have a prominent place in there. For the most part,the room reflects me and wonderful photos I treasure and even my Dad’s memorial flag. Thank you for sharing your space! It is wonderful! Martha

    1. I love that! I can imagine your space is just so completely lovely. Like you. Thank you, Martha!