5 Ways To Use Mint Tape | Work Space Wednesday


5 Ways To Use Mint Tape | Work Space Wednesday | JamiePate.com

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Welcome to another Work Space Wednesday.

And why, pray tell do I call it that?

Because it's a trending hashtag on the interwebs? Nah...I mean...that's where I first saw the hashtag and found it interesting. But that's not really why.

When I had to scale down my making space to a much smaller room than I had had in a long while, I realized the importance of making wise choices by way of the tools that make this space work. So it seemed natural to then share with those of you who follow this long standing blog (I know...people don't blog anymore...or at least don't follow blogs anymore...but I'm still standin') to share what works for me in this space.

Thus, Work Space Wednesday.

And today is a story of the Mint Tape. And its new Dispenser friend. And five ways I am currently using said Mint Tape.

5 Ways To Use Mint Tape

There is a video on my YouTube that shares these tips as well as demonstrates each one.

5 Ways To Use Mint Tape | Work Space Wednesday | JamiePate.com

1. Mint Tape In Lieu of Sticky Notes

Have you been following along with this month's October Album series on the channel. Inside the pocket pages I am progressing through I often mark the pockets with a small strip of Mint Tape to remind me what it is I want to be in that particular pocket. Journaling. Or a photo. Or embellishment. It's fantastic that the Mint Tape sticks down so well. But it also removes super easy too. Leaving no residual. And my brain does not have to work so hard to remember what it was that was going to go in a pocket.

2. Mint Tape To Mask Stamps

If you have stamped for any time at all, then you may have used washi tape to mask a stamp. Well my new way is to use Mint Tape. You can see that in the video. One of the reasons this is preferred is as I stated in point number 1, it leaves no residue. So the stamp stays clear of sticky. And I can get more than one way to use a stamp. This might be my favorite little trick.

5 Ways To Use Mint Tape | Work Space Wednesday | JamiePate.com

3. Mint Tape To Hold Dies In Place 

Now, this is probably a no-brainer. And that's OK. Because then again, maybe it's not. There are a lot of tips and tricks I know I have yet to encounter. So maybe you too have not thought to use Mint Tape to keep a die exactly where you want it on the medium in which you are cutting. So. There you have it. Mint Tape to the rescue again!

5 Ways To Use Mint Tape | Work Space Wednesday | JamiePate.com

4. Mint Tape To Feed the Trimmer

OK. So. That sounds like a weird one. You may have to be sure and reference the video for this idea. But sometimes we like to stamp our scraps, but then we want to trim that down to a journal strip. Using the Mint Tape to feed the small scrap into the trimmer saves on a lot of frustration. Not that I know anything about that.

5 Ways To Use Mint Tape | Work Space Wednesday | JamiePate.com

5. Mint Tape Paper Punching

This tip is not too dissimilar from Tip 4. Only this time we are using the Mint Tape to hold a scrap that we want to insert into a paper punch, but it's just a little too small to maneuver. I have actually done this for years using a sticky note.  The Mint Tape is much more accessible on my work space, especially now that it has a shiny new home in the Mint Tape Dispenser.  Happily will continue now to use the Mint Tape for this trick.

So there you have it. One Mint Tape. Five ideas for making use of the fantastic sticky / not so sticky work space tool.

Let me know in the comments ways you have discovered for using Mint Tape.

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