October Album 2023 | Album Walk Through


October Album 2023 | Album Walk Through | JamiePate.com

 october album 2023

Do you keep an October Album?

Do you call it an October Daily?

Do you focus on fall and or Halloween?

Pocket pages and focused albums are such great partners.  October is such a lovely month to document. As has been the case for a few years now, documenting October is what just so happens to be the focus of the month.

Along with gathering for Christmas, making for all the October birthdays, planning a gratitude project. Other than that, this is all I'm doing right now!!! Believe that? Yeah. Me neither.

October Album 2023 | Album Walk Through | JamiePate.com

How about this: as best as I am able I am adding to this year's October Album and slowing it down a minute in order to journal and photo and print and make pretty stuff in said album. There. That might be a better goal all together. Just focus on the moment. Stop trying to make it about the whole month, and focus on the day at hand. Talking to myself there for a moment. All advice is autobiographical.

October Album 2023 | Album Walk Through | JamiePate.com

Sometimes, and when I say sometimes I mean all the time, but sometimes there is just so much story every where that one can't help but want to get it down where it is visible for all to see. Maybe that is because of the practice of gratitude that is becoming hard wired in me. Perhaps. Well then, as I always say, I'm here for that! Let the story telling and story writing forever and always continue!!!

October Album 2023 | Album Walk Through | JamiePate.com

I guess one could say that they keep a January and a February and a March book if they were really honest. And as I think about that, yeah, sort of. But there is really something to October. The hard transition of the seasons. The feels of the holidays everywhere. The festive activities that begin this month.

October Album 2023 | Album Walk Through | JamiePate.com

And maybe January actually needs it's own album. January can actually be a hard start. (Which is why I really like the whole idea of Last 90 Days). That's a post for another time. Maybe...do you see how my brain is working here?..maybe I get down to just what I hinted to in the beginning: just focus on what is right now. And be really faithful to the stories to be told at this moment. Yeah. I like that idea.

October Album 2023 | Album Walk Through | JamiePate.com

OK. Thank you for wading through all that.

For today, let me invite you to watch this October Album walk-through of some of 2022 as well as the beginning of 2023. 

Hope you are telling your story of right now too. Hoping you can find this a way to stay in the moment.

Watch here:


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