A Thanksgiving Update | What's Happening


A Thanksgiving Update | What's Happening | JamiePate.com

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For those of you who pop in here on occasion and look around, thank you so much for doing so. This blog has been around for quite some time now. The hope is that you will find much making inspiration. Perhaps a bit of food for thought. And maybe even an idea to make and give to someone else. With all that in mind, I want to hope for you a very beautiful Thanksgiving week. Even if you are not in the States, my preach is that any time is the season for gratitude. And I am grateful for you, dear readers.

With that, I suppose we cannot ignore that it is Black Friday. Like. Everywhere! Not really sure how Black Friday became now Black Week...perhaps you could give me some insight. 

Before I do take a very quick moment to relay here the deals and give-aways that currently abound, I also want to share a quote that I came upon very recently: 

'Let's DO Christmas, not buy Christmas.' 

Which is why so very often you are going to find me here encouraging the making for others. The materials that you bring into your making spaces can find an abundance of ways to be made into something else. And those lovely gifts are some of the best gifts of all.

Hey friends...when you shop the links in this blog I receive a small kick back from your sales from ScrapbookCom and Heidi Swapp Shop. There is absolutely no extra cost to you at all! But these commissions help to cover the costs of this blog to provide you with project ideas. I want to continue to bring you FREE inspiration. Shopping these links allows me to do just that. I can't thank you enough for your love and continued support. Also, the opinions expressed in my blog and my YouTube Channel and all social platforms are independently my own.

A Thanksgiving Update | What's Happening | JamiePate.com

Project Gratitude

Let me remind you,  once again, there is a video tutorial for a Gratitude Journal which I know for a fact makes for a great gift. Mainly because you have told me. Not only will you learn how to make a hidden binding that is a super cool way to craft a book, but in the description to that video there is also free downloads that include 30 day gratitude prompts + journal pages in which to write. This idea really does make for fantastic gift giving. Not to mention what it does for your own soul.

Find that video HERE

A Thanksgiving Update | What's Happening | JamiePate.com

Along with the idea of the Gratitude Journal, ScrapbookCom has placed on special the Mini Cinch. This price is truly outrageous. The making is endless with this tool. I have had one for well over a decade, and still use it continually. More gift ideas to come too.

OK...so let's run through what is available for you to pick up today at the SBC...

A Thanksgiving Update | What's Happening | JamiePate.com

What's Happening and Where?

First off there is 10% off of your order with code, well, you guessed it...BLACKFRIDAY. 10% is a pretty good chunk, if I do say so myself.

With that there are 3 gifts today too. All of which you can find right HERE. (Be sure to check this link often as the SBC seems to love to give stuff away.)

These gifts include a Picket Fence Paper Pouncer

A Simple Stories Winter Wonder 6x8 Paper Pad ... Hey, you could make THIS gift idea with that size paper pad. So good!!!

Then there is a free (with $20 purchase) Spellbinders Poinsettia 3D Embossing Folder. 

Here is my suggestion: if you are thinking...nah...I won't use those, let me tell ya, they would make fantastic gifts to give to your crafting friends. Make them a tag (more of those ideas coming soon) (because the tag is really the gift) and then share a little gift with them. All while you are saving 10% on supplies for the gift making.

A Thanksgiving Update | What's Happening | JamiePate.com

Gift Guide

Be sure to check out THIS video plus THIS article as I am sharing my 2023 gift guide. I went tool eccentric this year. Because these are the things that are going to serve you long term and support your hobby plus, of course, your making. Good tools help all that.


The Nice List

Lastly today, are you on the Nice List? Some  days I am...some days not so much. But I digress. Heidi Swapp has made available the fifth installment to her Stamp Therapy series

About this class:

The holidays give us ALL THE REASONS to get out our stamps, inks, and dies… and start creating amazing tags, toppers, and notes perfect for GIFTING all season long! This is where it starts: “the NICE list”, session 5 of the Stamp Therapy series! In this class, we will be learning how to build, combine, and create amazingly inspiring holiday-stamped “scenes” on tags of all shapes and sizes! Which, said tags will, in fact, out-shine any gift it’s tied to! We know, the hand-stamped tag is the real gift! And therefore, any gift that QUALIFIES for an original, made by YOU, tag adorning the top of the colorfully wrapped parcel, well… we know that recipient is without a doubt on “the NICE list”! 

This is a great class to gift to you or to a friend. What Heidi teaches you will serve you in all seasons. Plus right now the early bird pricing is in effect. So ... there you go!

OK. Thank you for stopping in to read. Be sure to check out the Coupons Page at the SBC often as there are always things happening right there. And please say hi in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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