How To Make It Last | December Story No. 02


The Story That Lasts Forever | December Story No. 02 |

the history of it all

Do you ever capture all the photos?

Do you find yourself often in the moment and forget to take the picture?

Does it bother you?

The Story That Lasts Forever | December Story No. 02 |

The stories that last forever are those in which we are together. Togetherness is a strong theme with this one. For you see, as with many people I know, our favorite people are not always around. They move away. Start their own families. Have other obligations that take them to different places. Schedules are busy. You get it. So when the together moments happen it's a great opportunity for that story to find it's way on a page.

Whether one takes ALL the photos or not.

The Story That Lasts Forever | December Story No. 02 |

Confession: sometimes I get really wrapped up in the story of the moment, the people, taking in the moment that I am currently filling, and I forget to take the photo. It happens sometimes, doesn't it? Yes. I am thinking of several moments right now. We never regret taking the photo. 

The Story That Lasts Forever | December Story No. 02 |

Having missed capturing certain photos can very much bother me. But that does not mean the story has to be missed as well. This is why I preach journaling. Journaling the story that is in your mind as you remember it and giving it place on the page. Don't forget to do that. Be in the moment. Stay present. Try and take the photo. But if it's gentle on yourself. Don't mourn what you think you missed. Because you still have the memory of it. Write it down! What a great ability we have to write down the stories we have encountered.

The Story That Lasts Forever | December Story No. 02 |

That is the story that lasts forever. The one that is written down. How do we know what happened in Ancient Greece? Not because we have a photo do we know of the life that was lived then. It's because someone wrote it down. History. History is the writing of the story. You get to be your own historian. Scribe. Journaler. What a lofty calling.

As seen in these pages here, I did not miss the photo. I grabbed quite a bit. And it filled more pages than usual in this December Album of 2023. And that's OK as well. To find out more about how this page came together and more, watch the video below. And remember: tell your story.

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