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our stories never expire
One of the things I quite love about having a Jamie Pate Design page over on the Facebook is getting to talk to all of you making and storytelling folk. And one of the things that happens over there is I really enjoy asking questions of you all. What are you making now? What's your favorite holiday? How is it going with your December documenting?

That last question was asked recently with the intention of there not to be any pressure in the question. Sincerely I was just curious as to how it was going for you. For you see, this time of the month, the days before Christmas, can get hectic and hurried and down right heated at times. In the asking of this question, I have really appreciated the honesty in the replies. Mostly the response has been something like this:

"Haven't started yet, but will get it done sometime."
"Scaling down this year. Just telling my most treasured stories."
"Just trying to be good about journaling something on the daily."

And you know what?

That's OK!!!

I do really really hope you know that no matter where you are in your journey, if indeed you are wanting to document these days, that you are good to yourself and abundant in grace with your expectations. I know you! I know you all. You can be tough on yourselves. You can think if it is not all then it's a fail. And it's just not true!

Here's my hope, that no matter what level of the documenting this month brings to you, that when you are at that end place, you can step away with a smile and say, yes! This is good! Whether that happens December 26, December 31, January 22, or June 1st! 

Those stories are always gonna be there.

And the inspiration for those stories will always be available on my YouTube channel as well. 

To be sure, my goal is to have all the days posted here on the blog, so that you can take longer looks if need be. The inspiration is here for you whenever you are ready for it.

You all are wonderful souls with big hearts and amazing stories. Happy week before Christmas. And enjoy ALL the things. And be kind to yourself as well.

Find this walk through and process video here:

December Album 2023 Stories 1-3

All supplies used can be found in the description of video.

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