How To Begin Memory Planner | New Online Course



How To Begin Memory Planner | New Online Course |

it's launch day!!!

Hello new month!

and hello, brand new online class!


It's time to celebrate and eat cake!!!

This has been a little something in my mind for a while now. And it is all because of you! 

So very often I get the question: how do I start Memory Planner?

You have collected the KITS. You have watched VIDEOS. You have all kinds of photos or thoughts or quotes or lovely ephemera. Now what?

This new course: Beginner Basics | MEMORY PLANNER, is my attempt to answer a lot of those questions for you.

This course includes a chat on the essentials. And you just might be surprised by that one.

It includes sketch ideas and even a download.

It includes start to finish process and all the random thoughts that goes into the making of a Memory Planner page spread.

AND!!! There is a little o' bonus lesson at the end that is a throw back to the very beginning days of Memory Planner. That is don't miss video right there!!!

How To Begin Memory Planner | New Online Course

This is my invitation to you to come join my new online studio classroom. This is just the beginning of many ideas I have in the brain to share with this community. 

In advance, thank you for all your support. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being makers and story tellers and digging in deep with this thing we call life.

Check out this new course right here: 

Beginner Basics | MEMORY PLANNER

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