How To Create Happiness


How To Create Happiness |

the art of happierness

Did you know that happiness is a science? An actual science?
That there are true biological realities to the art of happierness? (yes, that's a word)

And with that, did you know that being thankful can create in one’s being better health and said happierness?

There are studies and lab work to support this.

Not only that, it’s said that witnessing a gratitude exchange between people can increase good will to the person observing this!

Isn’t that just amazing?

How To Create Happiness |

Which, if I may say, supports the want and need for our community page on Facebook. Often I ask questions on that page and so many of you jump in and answer. When it comes to doing for others or gifting or what have you, there is this energy that exudes from that page when this exchange of gratitude and ecnouragement comes through the comments. Everyone benefits.

This is to say, you can never have too much gratitude. You can never be too thankful. You probably can never share from your abundance with another human too much.

And what luck (I know, it get told by my kids there is no such thing as luck) but what luck…we who participate in the making of things, and then very often share that making with someone else, not only do they benefit, but we benefit too. It’s a win win!

How To Create Happiness |

So what is the moral of this little story? Make stuff and share it!!!

With all this energy and inspiration in mind, I took to my work space and the making of a thing. In this case a thank you card. I figure I am always and forever behind on the thank yous. So it can never hurt to in fact be always in the making of said greetings.

So here’s what I did:

How To Create Happiness |

One of the things I did here, pictured above, was took that butterfly stencil (because...butterflies) and ran it through the Spellbinders P6 to create a dry emboss on the card base. Love that so much! The subtle texture. The tone on tone. All the possibilities for this here technique. Will be doing this again.

How To Create Happiness |

The next thing I did was use the Joyful Thank You Die set and just went to cutting pinks from the Pinks Paper Pad plus some white. Oh. And for the center idea I have, I cut out (with a little help from the Nested Circle Dies) a piece of acetate. Yep. You guessed it. A little shaker feature.

How To Create Happiness |

I used the 2 MM 1/8 inch foam adhesive that ScrapbookCom has in their adhesive collection. That foam is so good about shaping around the circle. That was adhered to the pink die cut circle. Then, I used an assortment of sequins and mounded them in the middle of the card base. Next the acetate pink framed circle was adhered to cover over the sequins. Using our beloved embellished cluster technique, I added the thank you, the florals, and the butterflies to create lovely layers of pink goodness. Finally, new Prima ribbon helped to top the card which now actually looks more like a tag. Huh. What do you know about that?

Now. I'm a gonna carefully wrap this and send it on it's way to a friend who needs to hear of my gratitude for them. And that's how you create a little happiness in your life.

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