How To Celebrate Daily | Layout Idea


How To Celebrate Daily | Layout Idea |


for the love of the celebration

It's sort of an obvious thing. The birthday of a loved one on a page as a scrapbook layout. Maybe perhaps we all started that way. 'Scrapping' the events. The births. The birthdays. The graduations. The dance recitals. So much of scrapbooking today is everyday life. And don't get me wrong, completely here for that and most often find myself looking for the everyday stories, well...everyday. That's never going to change. But gosh! If my original scrapbooking heart does not find itself again while creating a page of an event.

How To Celebrate Daily | Layout Idea |

As the stories fill up the albums, whether the more traditional scrapbook pages found in this Storyline Album, or the smaller stories in a mini album, there is a good mix of the recording of the events as well as the 'everyday'. These stories, big or small, obvious or subtle, for me, almost (because sometimes there is hard) ... almost always are about celebration.

How To Celebrate Daily | Layout Idea |

So, let's talk about that a moment while we look at this little pre-celebration page I made. This page was basically about the photo'd subject who is ALL about celebrating any day of the week and anything. That, in itself, is a story worth recording. 

Not sure if you have been around the past few years or not, but there has been a shift in life pretty much all over the world. We all have felt it one way or another. At times this shift has been really difficult and I'm not quite sure we are all recovered yet. I still see glimpses of hard from these past years rearing its ugly head at times.

So. What do you do? At the risk of sounding terribly trite this has been my re-write in my own life:


Yeah. I know. Sounds a little too positive for ya? Well. Hear me out. 

How To Celebrate Daily | Layout Idea |

It is pretty well documented (and don't ask me to site it right here) that an outlook that seeks the good will actually find it. This girl can say this. I am a verbal witness to this.  In the past four years not only did we here experience shut down just like everyone else, but we saw loved ones pass away, my sister suffer cardiac arrest, my mother diagnosed with leukemia, and my granddaughter born an emergency c-section and immediately rushed to NICU. And I know too, because you all talk to me here and on Facebook and YouTube, I know you also have all suffered from this thing called life and very often just plain struggle. This is life.

Here is a thought I will put forth again as I am sure I have done so before:

crafting scrapbook pages, writing down the story, adding in the play to the page is a form of looking for the good.

Let's hone that down a bit. Just by virtue of the fact that we have stories to tell tells me that we are looking for those stories. If we are taking the photo, and then if we are printing the photo...hint hint...then said photo is making it's way to the page...well then, my friend, you have been looking for the good.

How To Celebrate Daily | Layout Idea |

And what a celebration that is! 

We take the photo, we print the photo, we lay it out thoughtfully on a page, and that is a celebration. We storytelling-scrapbook-page-makers of the world add celebration to the place just by doing what we do!!!

How great is that???

These celebration moments you get to share on your pages. And others get to be invited into those albums and books and find the spirit of that celebration too. We usually can't look at a page like this one here and not smile. And don't even get me started on the science of smiling!!!

Get obsessed about your scrapbook pages. Look for the good in all the little parts of your day. And create spots of celebration in your life by doing just that.

How To Celebrate Daily | Layout Idea |

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