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Well, Hello, Mr Rabbit | New Stamp Love | JamiePate.com

hello, mr rabbit

What a most pleasant surprise this package in the mail was. ScrapbookCom had received the new TIm Holtz Stampers Anonymous Mr. Rabbit Easter stamp release. Asked me if I would like to make with it. I sort of hemmed and hawed. Here is the story of when I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Well, Hello, Mr Rabbit | New Stamp Love | JamiePate.com

As I have already stated out there on the social platforms, I was not really sure about the rabbit feature of this stamp. You know, the actual Mr Rabbit part. But when I opened that early package of stamp goodness, I was really rather pleasantly surprised. That was when my mind went to work with the above. ‘I knew what I wanted to do with him’. 

And isn’t that just the way sometimes with new paper craft products? Especially when we are so often purchasing online? It really is difficult to get a good idea as to what emotional effect a Mr Rabbit is gonna have on ya until it is in your hands.

Honestly, from my heart, this rabbit is a beautiful stamp image. There is just something about him. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not even a Easter-rabbit-holiday kind of girl. But that might just change as I bring more whimsy into this creative space. (That little granddaughter of mine may be the one responsible for this little fresh change in my life.)

Well, Hello, Mr Rabbit | New Stamp Love | JamiePate.com

I must add here, the Scorched Timber is a most lovely way to ink that big oh stamp up and and leave its gorgeous impression on the paper. Speaking of which, I was asked what I had stamped Mr. Rabbit on? And I had pulled some subtle patterns from the Moonlit Garden collection to stamp him on. Not a whole lot of pattern. Just enough so that he was not only stamped on a plain white background. Love doing that.

Well, Hello, Mr Rabbit | New Stamp Love | JamiePate.com

OK…before I get ahead of myself let’s talk about the envelope. It was simply crafted using a WR Makers Envelope Punch Board, also with the Moonlit paper. Once folded and adhered together, I then added some of the detail stamps from the Mr Rabbit set to the envelope. The polka dots were stamped in Scorched Timber. The distress plaid was stamped here and there with Speckled Egg. Then the Easter ticket ad was stamped on with Evergreen Bough. I also stamped that one again and trimmed it out for an ephemera element in the envelope.


After Mr Rabbit was inked up and stamped out and fussy cut up, then I trimmed a bit of his shoulder off on the left side so that he could fit in this envelope. I call these ‘stuffed envelopes’. Double sided adhesive foam is my friend here too when adding bits and bobs to an envelope like this.

Well, Hello, Mr Rabbit | New Stamp Love | JamiePate.com

In addition to adding his big self to the envie, I added the aforementioned stamped ephemera ticket. Some Moonlit florals were also added to this because they were just so dang sweet with that rabbit motif. Tickets and more florals were arranged in and out of the envelope opening. Then it was all finished up with one of the Quote Chips I love so much.

As I was finishing this envelope (which by the way will make a great Easter basket tag, or even a stunning embellishment cluster for a scrapbook page), I realized I did not have Easter sentiments that would go with the vibe of this make. As I was searching for phrases and quotes I went to my little bowl of those quote chips. When this one came to the surface I thought it was perfect for the thinking behind this Mr Rabbit Stuffed Envelope. What do I mean?

Fall in love with as many things as possible. First and foremost, that is an idea in my life I need to get my arms around better and embrace more easily. I think it makes us more interesting persons to be in love with many good things. Secondly, this just fit what my initial response to seeing this stamp set. “Oh…I don’t do rabbits.” Really, Jamie? That was your response? Yeah. Really. I know? What are ya gonna do with me anyway?

Well, I am going to follow my own advice and be better about embracing vintage chic rabbit stamps and bring my own spin on it. Which is just what I think you could do with him too, if you had a mind to. Let’s not limit ourselves in our making. Let’s say hello to new ideas and things we have not tried yet. Let’s be better at saying, “Well, hello, Mr. Rabbit!”

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