Cut. Make. Repeat.


Cut. Make. Repeat. |

 this is how we do it.

You can find the full tutorial of these tags, start to finish, on my YouTube Channel

I call it: Cut. Make. Repeat.

And here's why...

Cut. Make. Repeat. |

As we make these tags together, I will encourage you to cut your dies all at one time. Just have a bunch at the ready. This is something you can do when you are feeling a creative slump (more on that in an upcoming post). It's just the most freeing thing to have your most favorite die cuts at the ready.

Cut. Make. Repeat. |

Then, as you will see in the tutorial, you can just make. OK. So...the cutting part in the CUT is already done. So now you get to MAKE.

What I will show you in that video is that if you have cuts to grab, then you can dive into the MAKE part of the, well, um...of the MAKE.

Cut. Make. Repeat. |

And then repeat! Well...that is the most funnest part of all.

Did you see THIS post here from last month? When I was inspired by a certain make in the SBC Fest classroom. Did you catch that FREE making weekend? Well, it's still HERE for you to watch at no charge to you. But here's the point...the point of this weekend was to inspire us to make stuff. So. That's just what I did.

Cut. Make. Repeat. |

I 'repeated' an idea that I saw in the SBC Fest. But not only that...I continued to repeat the idea. You will discover how different this tag can look, although I have made it five different times now. (Check out the video to see my most favorite way yet).

Cut. Make. Repeat. |

That is what Cut. Make. and Repeat is all about.

Cut all kinds of die pieces up.

Make something. Oh hey...I about this tag?

Then repeat. Make it again and again. Have them at the ready for all kinds of making reasons.

And I bet you too will be on repeat with your making.

You can find the supplies used for these tags below.

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