spa day.


so it's about 80 outside. we are on the back patio with a fan blowing on us. i am sitting in the sun while avery is removing my toe nail polish. she is then eager to remove the same from analise and gracie. while i re-paint analise's she is tending to gracie. it was all so so. cal...except we weren't in so. cal...but we can dream can 't we?

it's a warm one again here today. we are entering the 30 days or so of typical intense heat that comes this way this time of year. somewhere in the middle of july to the middle of august it really heats up here. so we did most of our house cleaning and washing and baking this morning. and we hope to stay cool by playing in the water and having extra reading time this afternoon.

oh...had a great warm weather meal last night. everyone loved it. paul commented on the meal several times last evening. i made a tomatoe basil cheese dip. i served that with wheat thins and baby carrots. we also sliced thin pieces of mild cheddar and ate that with slices of turkey. a great chewy french bread from walmart of all places slathered with real butter. this rounded out with a great bunch of juicy, seedless red grapes made for great summer fare. will have to have that one again. tasty. just missing a bottle of wine.

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  1. Sounds like you are in the dog days too. Unlike our day her in "sunny" So Cal with clouds and sprinkles of rain. Does not help with the hopes of getting a tan.

    Cute pic with all of the feet.

    When you think it's hot just think of the winter and how you will be longing for the warm weather.