it has been almost four days since i posted. i am really wanting to post daily and already fell off the wagon.
this morning i am just sitting here looking at blogs and thinking i have so much to do and am not doing it. i slept till 8 this morning! what's with that? paul is home this morning and is working on the side yard while it is still cool. the kids are keeping themselves busy outside mostly. accept gracie...she was in bed until 8.30.
i wanted photos of our adventures yesterday, and left the camera in the car. we went downtown to acacia park and the kids played in the uncle wilbur fountain. had a blast! analise waited a while, but when she did get in there she took great delight. she would put her foot over one of the fountains, and then it would spray up in her face. she knew it was coming and still got excited.
monday we went to the pool for a while. we were it. the only ones there! seth stayed in the entire time. i'm kind of thinking he likes the water more than avery. gracie has just discovered she can walk in the shallow end! what a revelation! she was so excited. it's what happens when you leave the steps. and i just realized i no longer have to be arms length from her while in the pool as she is now over 6! yeah for mom...just got to keep up with keaney now. gracie really needs pool lessons. might need to try and squeeze that in this fall and winter.
sunday was a dog day. and we just didn't do anything. fire pit was kind of quiet as many in the neighborhood are on vacation. but the evening was just perfect and the lowman's and us stayed out till almost 11...way to go old people!
so...off to my wednesday.

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  1. Sounds like you have been very busy. I can't wait to see pics of the kids playing in the water.

    So glad that Gracie had the revelation....what made the light click on do you think? That does free you up to just look after one.

    I understand about wantign to blog each day and just not getting it done. I had PC issues again yesterday and Mike helped me last nite.

    I did get pics in now though ... yeah.