rainy day.


like living in seattle. been rainy most of the day. severe thunderstorms in some places. when we first moved here, starting early june this was the weather pattern. rainy afternoons and then usually clear off again with a warm, sunny evening. but it now does not seem to happen until august when the tropical storms start picking up down south. just interesting to me. things never really stay too much the same, life is always shifting in some way.

the children stayed in mostly today with the cloudy weather. school work got done and paul had some down time. i did some shopping both for future birthdays and christmas. cannot believe that shift is upon us again. but i am bound and determined to stay on top and organized with the gifts this season. paul wanted us to get out tonight as this is one of our last wednesdays free before awana begins in three weeks. so, we gathered them all together and took a drive.

i observe life shifting mostly in children. for almost 12 years now life has been in constant motion while little ones have been growing and maturing. i get to watch academics improve, and individual interests take shape. i see friendships and relationships blossom and move in different directions. little ones becoming more content and moving out of the constant whine stage. i feel like i am shrinking with my older ones growing inches every few months. it causes me to be in constant awe. not so much in awe at the observances, but awe that the Creator allowed me to be involved in these many lives. i am blessed.

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  1. A sweet girl and a nice pic. Who took it for you?

    The smaller version of yourself. I think it is sweet that at least one of the kids really does look like you. You did all the work and only show 25%....this is life no?